Super Mario Sunshine (GMSE01)

04416758 44480000
044123E8 442F0000
04416620 442F0000
04176AA4 C002B83C
0429B974 C002B83C
04176C40 C002B83C
04176FF4 C002B83C
04177198 C002B83C
04412408 3FE38E39
04416B74 3F9A7643
0429610C 380002EA
042960A0 3860FF96
C214EF74 00000002
3B20FFA9 93380004
931F0140 00000000
C214EE24 00000002
3B20FFA9 93380004
931F0108 00000000
C214F09C 00000002
3860FFA9 90780004
931F0160 00000000
C214F308 00000002
3BA00251 93B80004
931F02F8 00000000
C214F70C 00000002
3860FFA9 90780004
931F0400 00000000
C214F830 00000002
3860FFA9 90780004
931F042C 00000000
C214F93C 00000002
3860FFA9 90780004
931F0450 00000000
C214D8EC 00000002
38800251 9081056C
807F02A0 00000000
0414E7D4 3880023C
C22CB330 00000004
2C00019F 40820008
38000203 2C00018D
40820008 380001F1
901F0014 00000000
C2156004 00000004
809F0018 38A0EC78
90A40014 7CA500D0
90A4001C 38800000
60000000 00000000
C214F114 00000002
3BA00258 93B80004
931F01C4 00000000
C2363138 00000009
80ED8D08 800701E8
540C24B6 2C030000
41820030 7C032A14
7C006000 41820024
5580F87E 7C601850
1C630003 1CA50003
7C631670 54A5F0BE
7C630194 7C630214
60000000 00000000

Always Win Against Il' Piantissimo
0428E518 4E800020

All Coin High Scores 999
0417BF70 386003E7
0416DF5C 386003E7

New Game Starting Lives Modifier
04293A2C 38A000XX
XX-Decimal Number Converted to Hexadecimal.

Start on Complete Delfino Plaza
04299620 38600001
041EC858 38000001
Also Unlocks Most Stages.

Unlock Noki Bay
042B79DC 38600078
Must Have Pinna Park Unlocked.

Unlock Pinna Park
04299688 38600001

Can Unlock Pinna Park With No Shines
042996CC 3860000A
Must Have Unlocked Gelato Beach.

Unlock Gelato Beach and Ricco Harbour
042996A4 38600001
042996B8 38600001
041EC818 38600001
041EC82C 38600001
041EC840 38600001
041EC854 38600001

Unlock Bianco Hills
042996F4 38600001
041EC804 38600001

Replace Delfino Plaza Flood With Endgame Delfino Plaza
04299674 38600002

Easy 5 Sunflowers Challenge
0420E984 38000001

Yoshi Eggs Land on Any Surface
040BB26C 38000701
040BA2F8 38000701
Includes Water Surface.

Walk on Water
C224F134 0000000A
A8030000 2C000101
4082000C 60008000
B0030000 2C000102
4082000C 60008000
B0030000 2C000103
4082000C 60008000
B0030000 2C000100
4082000C 60008000
B0030000 7C030378
60000000 00000000

Start New Game With All Shines Unlocked
C2293A38 00000006
387C0000 3880FFFF
9083FFFC 90830000
90830004 3C80FFFF
6084FF00 90830008
38800078 908300CC
60000000 00000000

Start New Game With 450 Blue Coins Collected
C2293B88 0000000A
80010024 3BE001C2
9BE3000F 93E30010
93E30014 93E30018
93E3001C 93E30020
93E30024 93E30028
93E3002C 93E30030
93E30034 93E30038
93E3003C 93E30040
93E30044 00000000

Remove Early Delfino Plaza Filters
0417D1D8 38000000
0427C6A4 38000000

Access File Settings on New File
042B33B4 38000001

Kill Birds in 1 Hit
0400DB88 38600001

Immune to Bees
040078F8 4E800020

Instant Fire Chain Chomps Challenge Win
043B3F84 8008624C

Easy Fire Chomps Challenge
040862E0 38030003
Spray 1 Chomp into water.

Dirty Mario Graphics
04241F94 380000FF
042440BC 380000FF
04244140 380000FF

No Force Move
042736A8 4E800020
04273680 4E800020

Disable Subarea Warp
04195280 4E800020

Subtitles Never Enabled
04183060 4E800020

Goop Doesn't Cause Slip
042533DC 4E800020

0424280C 4E800020

All Shines on Shine Select
04174B48 38600001
04174B94 38600001
04174E58 38600001

All Shines
04294758 38600001

Enable Skip Cutscenes
042B5EF4 386000FF
042B5F08 60000000

60FPS (Region-Free)
F6000002 80008180
BF800000 3F000000
00000000 43300000
14000004 3F800000
E0000000 80008000
F6000002 80008180
801E0074 901E0038
801E007C 901E0078
14000014 60000000
E0000000 80008000
F6000001 80008180
40800034 C03F00D0
D2000004 00000002
3DC03F80 91DF00D0
C03F00D0 00000000
E0000000 80008000

Remove Heatwave
0419F83C 4E800020

Remove Mirror Reflections
041930A4 4E800020

Remove Map Wall Filter
0418E78C 4E800020

Remove Sky
0419FFE4 4E800020

Remove Underwater Filter
041EA840 4E800020

Remove Shadows
042305DC 4E800020

Remove Aftereffects
0422D4F8 4E800020

Infinite Hover Time V2
0426C368 4800001C

Infinite Water
C2141DD8 00000002
3B002710 93131C80
60000000 00000000

Kill Goop Monsters in 1 Hit
043BB6D8 800F9198

Instant NPC Clean
C2216ADC 00000002
FC000890 D0030178
60000000 00000000

Unlock Yoshi
041BBF80 38600001

Max Lives on Gain
04283034 38800063
04283454 38800063

Infinite Lives
04298810 38A00000

Collect 1Ups Anywhere
C21FDBC8 00000005
83ED9F48 83DF0010
93C30010 83DF0014
93C30014 83DF0018
93C30018 7C7F1B78
60000000 00000000

Collect 100 Coin Star on Collecting Any Yellow Coin
041BECD4 38A00064

Collect Yellow Coins from Anywhere
C21BE7F4 00000006
881D004F 2C00000E
40820020 838D9F48
801C0010 901D0010
801C0014 901D0014
801C0018 901D0018
806300F0 00000000

Collect Blue Coins from Anywhere
C21BE908 00000006
881D004F 2C000010
40820020 838D9F48
801C0010 901D0010
801C0014 901D0014
801C0018 901D0018
A81D0048 00000000

Shadow Mario 1 Hit Kill
040408FC 38000000

No Fall Damage
0424C73C 60000000

Instant Delfino Plaza Bell Clean on Spray
041E7630 60000000

Nozzleless Mode
C2269534 00000002
38000000 98031C84
60000000 00000000

Immune to Small Goop Monsters
040638AC 4E800020

No Coin Flicker With Low Time
041B3414 48000018

Infinite Fruit Lifetime
0440C918 7FFFFFFF

Instant Fruit Upscale
0440C91C 7F7FFFFF

Instant Fruit Respawn
0440C924 00000000

Coins Never Disappear
041BEBD0 3C007FFF
041BE8B8 3C007FFF
041BEB34 3C007FFF
041C0DDC 3C007FFF

Infinite Decreasing Timer
041C08BC 3C000CCC
C228EA4C 00000003
80010084 2C000000
40820008 3C000147
60000000 00000000
Will end in 68 Years.

More Time in Blooper Surfing Safari
20BC4A5C 260D0400
04BC4A54 FFFF1122
04BC4A30 FFFF1122
E2000001 80008000
Have up to slightly less than 11 minutes.

Instant Scrubbing Sirena Beach Completion
0419CFB4 38000000

Immune to Spikes
04201F1C 60000000

Immune to Poisonous Water
0424EE28 60000000

Immune to Flames in Corona Mountain
0420177C 60000000

Immune to Lava in Bowser's Bathtub
041A79C0 60000000

Immune to Bowser's Flames
04126504 60000000

Sand Blocks Never Fall
041C4038 4E800020

Ice Blocks Always Melted
C21C3788 00000003
38E00000 90FF0024
90FF0028 90FF002C
C01F0024 00000000

Disable Bianco Hills Log Leaning
041C49F4 4E800020

Immune to Most Enemies
0406D758 4E800020

Immune to Skeeters
0412D04C 4E800020

Immune to Yellow Slime
04250D98 60000000

Yellow Slime Instantly Removed
040FECF0 60000000
040FECF8 60000000
040FED44 60000000
043BBC94 800FECC8

Shadow Mario Instantly Dies on Movement
0403F880 60000000
0403F8A0 60000000

Painting Never Refills
041FFAA0 60000000

Easy Painting Clean
C21FFD08 00000002
38000000 901F0160
60000000 00000000
Make Water Hit it once.

Destroy 2-Tall Stack to Win Crate Destroy Challenge
0428CE68 38000000

Collect Nozzles from Anywhere
C21BBBF4 00000008
9421FFF8 3821FFF8
93E10000 93C10004
83ED9F48 83DF0010
93C30010 83DF0014
93C30014 83DF0018
93C30018 83E10000
83C10004 38210008
60000000 00000000

Easy 8 Red Coins
041BE42C 38A00008
Collect 1 Red Coin.

Collect Red Coins from Anywhere
C21BEA0C 00000006
8B9D004F 2C1C000F
40820020 83ED9F48
83DF0010 93DD0010
83DF0014 93DD0014
83DF0018 93DD0018
80010054 00000000

Blue Coins Can Be Collected Infinitely
042945F4 38600000

Red Coin Switch Always Appears
041C0910 48000018

All Shines Yellow
041BCE3C 4800004C

All Shines Dark
041BCE3C 60000000

Collect Yellow Shines from Anywhere
C21BD658 00000003
887E01B4 2C030001
41820008 38000001
700000FF 00000000
041BD67C 60000000

One Hit Kill Mecha Bowser
040A011C 38000000

Yoshi Platforms Never Despawn
0406A3A0 4E800020

Cannon Boss Dies When Near
043B8900 800CB140

Cannon Boss Bombs Never Explode
0403C954 38040000

Instant Star Spawn for Fire Chain Chomp Boss
043B6120 800A4900

King Boo 1 Hit Kill
040BF404 38000000

Watermelon Immune to Water
041E5420 48000034

Always Start in Delfino Plaza
04164E2C 48000014

No Pollution
0419DAD8 38600000

Finish Cleaning Piantas Challenge Immediately
20D836C8 22000001
04D836C4 0000000E
E2000001 80008000

Easy Carry 3 Fruits Challenges
042000B8 38600003

Easier Balloon Game
041D4BB4 38A00063
04030F38 4180002C
Hit 1 Balloon.

Instant Balloon Game Win
C2030EE0 00000002
7C7D1B78 809F02B8
60000000 00000000

Almost Never Die
042430FC 4E800020
Still Die by Death Barrier.

Breathe Underwater
04255F90 38600000
0424F758 480000CC

Never Drown
0424F7F8 48000058

Never Die on Rollercoaster
04299A14 48000010

Pause in Midair
04297AB4 38000000

Immune to Cataquacks
040B83B8 4E800020

Cataquacks Generate Infinite Coins
040B76DC 60000000

Jump In Midair
C2256650 00000005
3C608057 80637460
70630080 2C030000
41820010 3C604228
907F00A8 C01F00A8
D01F00A8 00000000