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"The One Stop Catty Shop" for all your Catapult needs.

The ONLY place to buy genuine handcrafted Gamekeeper Catapults. 

All wooden Gamekeeper Catapults are hand made and hand signed by "Gamekeeper John" who as won well over 90 shooting trophies with his products at the highest competitive level.

As well as all the silverware Gamekeeper Johnhas won he also uses his Catapults to fill the freezer! You can see numerous hunting videos with various game being dropped on Gamekeeper Johns Youtube channel, Simply type "Gamekeeper John" into Youtube and check out our channel where we have well over 11 million views and over 30.000 subscribers!


On all finished and signed wooden Gamekeeper Catapults there is up to a 10 working day dispatch time. 

On all D.I.Y. Kits & Elastics there is a up to a 3 day dispatch time. 

Can't find what you're after on the website? Want a custom Catapult making? Want a update on your order? Then email us direct on : ordersforgamekeepercatapults@gmail.com

All of our prices include shipping cost, we DO NOT add any other costs at the end so fill your basket without any nasty surprises.

Gamekeeper Catapults are world renowned for quality and craftsmanship, each catapult is handmade to order by Gamekeeper John and each one is hand signed proving its authenticity. 

Remember the golden rule :

"If it’s not signed it’s not a Gamekeeper"


The recent English Slingshot Federation 2019 Tournament which Gamekeeper John won the 20m title using a Gamekeeper Pocket Poacher Catapult shooting against 11 different countries!

Gamekeeper Catapults take no responsibility for any injury or damage caused by there Products! Eye protection MUST be worn at all times!