"Hi john, it arrived thursday ,the catty is very nice and your a top man, and i would like to say a big thank you,it is top quaility like everyone says,i am hitting in a group already and can shoot quite far and hit my target.i am really pleased with it,and thanks for the extra bits.cheers john really happy. Regards **** :) "

"Hello John ,I have your pocket poacher TTF super grip in aluminum and just recently recieved your pocket poacher mark 2 in multiplex, I would like to thank you for your service and quality cattys both are great shooters but I have to say the aluminum TTF supergrip is the most accurate, best fitting slingshot I have out of about twenty cattys of different types from naturals to composites .Again thank you for the best catapults anywhere gamekeeper catapults are awesome and love your YouTube videos keep up the great work best regards ******* ****** ,  USA"

"Hi john. I've received my pp ttf its awesome! Fits my hand like a glove, worth the wait as always. Im sticking with this frame, feels so natural when I line up a shot. I thought catty's dont get better than my sweet pr5 ttf, I was wrong! This pp ttf is the best design ive come across, I'll be ordering a custom version of this catty in the new year. Great job! Hope your website is up and running soon all the best"

"Hi got it today and it was well worth the wait, many thanks mate cheers"

"Hi, today I've received the slingshot, it is just perfect!! Thanks, regards"

"Hello, I got my order mate, I'm over the moon,love the tubes ill order some more stuff off of you before crimbo, thanks mate"

"Catapult arrived yesterday. My son is delighted with what looks to me to be a thing of beauty. Beautifully made John. My son is looking forward to trying it out in the light at the weekend."

"Got the cattie mate, just to say cracking bit of work, by brother will be made up. Cheers once again all the best for the future of gamekeeper catties. Regards "

"Hi just opened the parcel it arrived today looking forward to trying it out tomorrow
it looks a lovely job many thanks

"Hi I had a chance today to try out the catapults you sent me. They are the best I have ever used I'm hitting targets more consistent then ever before. I'll be taking them to Thailand to silence a few noisy fighting chickens.
I will be buying more for presents next year, thanks.    All the best -----"

"wow! received my pp ,its awesome, now gotta wrestle it off my son!!!! will be ordering him one soon.many thanx !! ****"

"Hi john,

Got the order thanks. Just want to say I'm very impressed by the design and the workmanship that's gone into the piece. It looks like it's been carved From a single piece of wood. I think the TTF style suits me. After just a few shots, my accuracy has made a step change for the better, so much that I think I can now ethically hunt with it. -----"

"Thank you very much. The catapult is very accurate and has good fast velocity. I'm really happy and enjoyed it so much. I shot and killed a bird for a first time when i used it.
Hope to buy another model soon. ****"

"Hi John 

I received my Pheasant stopper this morning and it's awesome! 

Thank you very much. I may order another in a while. 

Regards "

"Hi john they arrived today am well chuffed with them thanks for the quick response look forward to dealing with you in the future"

"Hello just to say thank you i've just received my catty an what a work of art i'm ecstatic!!!!"

"Hello John,

I received the pouches on Tuesday, so I just wanted to say thanks a lot for sending them, they really are nicely made and good quality leather, thanks again.

Good luck for the future,"

"Hey John,

Just received my catapult today.

I am so impressed with your work..... absolutely love the quality of this product.... and unbelievable power. I have no idea what the FPS from this thing would be, but puts holes right through coca cola cans ! LOL

I reckon I could take down a small kangaroo with this thing . ha ha ha ha !

Anyway thanks so much for the sale, I really appreciate it."

"Hi John,

Catty received! 

Love it! Beautiful, lethal craftsmanship.

Thanks very much, regards "

"Hello I  got it and it's beautiful mate 

Thanks "

Hi, today I took delivery of the GPS! I'm so excited! I haven't had a catty in maybe 20 years, but this one is the best I've ever had. Thank you for such a great job, that's really cool. 

Regards ******


Received my catapult today, totally brilliant & top job !!!!!!!

Thanks ****

Hi John, Got the catapult today and couldn't be happier with it !   Just need the rain to stop so I can take it out.

Thanks ****

hi, received it today thanks, am scared to use it it looks like a work of art,

 thanks again *****

Hello John, Your slingshot arrived yesterday, Its really amazing how it Works. Gotta Hit on  my First squirrel With it:) have a Nice day, **** :)

"Hi John,

Just received my order, thank you, it is a work of art. Am going out to 'play' right now.


"Hi John,

Pocket Rocket 4 arrived save and sound yesterday.

And she is such a beauty.

I've been shooting 4 hours straight today at my range.

The thumb rest is just genius. It's fitting my shooting style so well.

Thank you for making me one."

"Hi John,

Just wanted to let you know I received my catapult today and am very pleased with the craftsmanship,  I  do appreciate and enjoy your videos too.



Received the catapult this morning.

Hubby really pleased with fact hes took it to the farm tonight with him.

Many thanks "

"Hi John,

The "Little Devil" arrived and she is so cute.

Fits my shooting style better than the Pocket Rocket.

I am a very happy man now ;-)

Thanks again"

"Hi John 

              Just received the new catty this morning and am well pleased with it , a nice bit of quality as always from your good self .

               That palm swell i knew it would work for me it feels just like holding a " pool ball" in the palm of my hand it is so secure once again thank for a nice bit of kit 

 Best Regards "

"Got  my ttf ppsg today john.lovely bit of kit and top service from yourself. "

"Hi john

We received it this morning it is great thank you very much"


I have received the package today!

Great craftsmanship, congratulations!"

"Cattys turned up few wk ago john, lovely workmanship and very powerful so nice 1 pal! 👍 showed my m8s them who are into hunting & field sports and they ordered few last night and I will be ordering few more designs! Keep up the good work lad!"

"Hi John,

I just received my two cattys the other day. I ordered the mini Phoenix and aluminum lil devil and I have to say that they are amazing! Your craftsmanship is superb and they shoot amazing! I have only shot cattys for about one week now and I am loving it so far! I seem to shoot the OTT style better right now but I will perfect both styles of cattys soon or try to. 

Thanks again and look forward to buying more in the future"


Just wanted to say I’m really enjoying shooting my catapult. Good work and worth the wait.

Thank you "

"Hi John

           Order arrived today. It's an absolute work of art! Cheers mate. "

Hi John and Mrs.Gamekeeper!

Received today, looks fantastic, fits like a glove, very comfortable to shoot, dimps a great aid, well done John!!

Thanks again for all your hell and obviously for supplying the wood version.

Best regards to you both ***

Hi, Catty safely received,  feels great in the hand and shoots spot on. Thanks once again for great service and a great catty!

regards ****

 Hi my name is ****** ****** and I ordered 2 cattys. They've come, my young lad loves his and first day out with them I nailed a duck in head from 20 yards. Knocked it clean out. Far exceeds black widow. Look forward to ordering a few more.

Hi John

Catty arrived safe and sound. What can I say- what a little beauty! Really pleased with it. 

All the best, ******

Hi John

Charlie got the catapult today and is delighted with it. Thanks for the catapults and all the work on them, ****

Hiya John just a quick message to tell you I've got the poachers friend you sent, bloody brilliant catapult i'm only ever used naturals with longer bands and a fatter pouch on them but yours is dead on, easier to shoot and the bands are just the right length so yeah bit of a glowing review there cheers, I will definitely be ordering more catties in the future- keep doing what you do because you're doing it right!

Hi John

It's arrived and it's beautiful!

Thank you very much and yes it was definitely worth the wait - I can't wait to get my first pigeon.

Thanks again ***

To everyone at GCUK,

My TTF Bat arrived today and I was not disappointed what an unbelievable piece of kit!!!! Spent the past 4 hours practicing from 5m- 10m a truly splendid slingshot, thank you so much.


 ***** *******

Hi John 

  Just to let you know i have received my order from you and as expected it is fantastic  top quality and hit my target with the first shot. Many many thanks my son will be over the moon to be given a real John Webb slingshot on his birthday ......thanks again.