**GAMEKEEPER CATAPULTS will no longer be stocking this product sorry for the inconvenience**

All Gamekeeper ready made Bandsets are £4.99 each with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!
Each one is made by Gamekeeper John in exactly the same way as he makes his own which he has won a incredible 97 trophies shooting at Catapult Tournaments at the highest competitive level!
They are made from TheraBand Gold which is Johns "go to" elastic.
The leather ammunition pouch that the ball bearing sits in while drawing back is made from a strong, soft, lightweight leather we have specially shipped over from South America and in our opinion is the best pouch material on the market!
Be sure to pick the right elastic for your Catapult frame - OTT is when the elastic pulls over the top of the Catapult tips when drawing back. TTF is when the elastic pulls round the side of the Catapult fork tips when drawing back.
Each bandset gets sent out with 2 strip of elastic so you can attach it straight onto your Catapult frame.

"We offer 2 different types"

The single 30-20mm suits a 9.5mm ammo perfect and is Johns preferred set up!
The double 20-15mm works best with a slightly larger ammo of around 10mm-12mm!

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