Shot the ball on the hole with Golf Jam

Golf is considered as one of the emerging sports at this generation because there are more people getting aware with the sport’s proper and process and usually find it easy to deal or engage with. But for others, it is also a tough sports not because of the game’s goal but because of the costs of the things needed in order to play the sport. That is the reason why it is also considered as a sport for the rich people. Nevertheless, it is still a great and challenging sport to engage with. If you are looking for an alternative one, you can try to play the flash game called Golf Jam.

This is obviously about Golf but in a virtual medium. The player’s mission in this game is the same with the real one. You just have to shoot the ball towards the designated hole in the least attempts possible. Keep an eye on the wind so that your shot will not be affected. Click on the green to start power selection and then click it again to hit the ball towards the hole. It is all about choosing the right amount of force or power to be successful with the game.

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