Royal Squad

Engames proved his talent with the Royal Warfare, a defensive strategy game truly special that manages to cram all the touching story of the real-time combat. Well the sequel, Royal Squad, where the studios really are to test their courage like. Simply put, the game is an adventure at the arrow's stars, elves, stamping, casting spells good. You select your squad of soldiers before each meeting and watch them cut down some truly impressive crowd of enemies as they march towards you in waves. For some micro-management added, simply click to order your archers rain arrows on a specific point, or deploying some lightning, bear traps, or swordsman in this field for effect maximum results. Hash through the mass of the Necromancer, soldiers, and goblins as they come down on your side is extremely satisfying, but be warned: this game is not afraid to throw a curve ball when you least expect them. earn to die
The gameplay of Royal Squad is stellar, with some truly clever writing coming as a welcome bonus. Let's be honest, defense games aren't always known for their wit, but Royal Squad should offer at least a few chuckles, especially from your sneeze-prone ally, Corwynus. You can purchase upgrades with the stars you earn for each successful encounter, all of which have measurable effects on each skirmish. Whether you're deploying snipers for their stun-inducing head shots or black mages for their devastating short-range blasts, each battle evolves organically with plenty of thrills. Some levels include bonus objectives, such as making sure survivors make it to the barricade unharmed, forcing you to deploy your traps more carefully as the horde encroaches. Are there any downsides to Royal Squad? Well, not really. Perhaps it's a bit easy to start but if you're more than welcome to try the challenge mode if you don't feel you're being tested. It's one of the best games of its type that's hit the web for some time. It's challenging, fun, satisfying, and fair, a glorious piece of craftsmanship that makes us eager to try out whatever this studio churns out next. Don't believe us? Grab your bow and few million arrows and check out Royal Squad yourself.