Rising Fire

According to the latest news, blockbuster shooter Rising Fire will officially entered the closed beta for the first time in the Chinese market in the next 28/04 days. Known in the pilot phase will be 4 classes, PvP and PvE map 9 and a relative number bosses for players to test Fire defeated RisingRising Fire really not purely a shooter gun normally focus on aspects of action to monitor gun battle between players together that brings a lot of role-playing elements. Accordingly, the player will work together, and the same goes for furniture destroy monsters, giant boss hunting, exploring dungeons ... earn to die

The bottom line is in the Fire Rising diverse combination between many types of weapons, creating special items. In aggregate, the player can create up to a million different types of guns. Of course, to use them, the gamer must also choose character classes that suit their weapons created. One thing to note is that this is the Chinese version and not clear Tencent intends to release online games this role-playing shooter world wide or not. The information will be our next update in the near future, inviting readers welcome note read. Fancy fants world 2