Onion Force

The Onion in Force, the player will enter the role of a hero go to rescue the King escape from the hand of the devil. Accordingly, gamers can choose for themselves the 1 in 3 main characters is Bowman, Warrior and Wizard to face hundreds of monsters are five le and his attack is the most essential use traps and your towers wisely. Besides, players also should give a reasonable tactic to kill off hordes of monsters and protect yourself. Earn to die
Tower Defense system in Onion Force are divided into several categories, this is also the determinants of each person's own tactics. However, they still folded into 3 main types include the immediate damage, damage over time, or effects. The arrangement should be calculated, in part because they require relatively large amounts of gold money while we're always into everything gold.
Therefore, in addition to the selection of Tower Defense automatically pushed back hordes of monsters, the players need to fudge the real Bulgarian control his war hero. Onion Force gives the player 30 challenging levels extremely unique and challenging. Fortunately, the control mechanism of the mobile game this not too complicated with the control key clear display right on the screen.
Onion Force but only possesses simple but 2D graphics combined with fast-paced suspense and the Fiery well enough to bring the action, the same monumental series of magic extremely sophisticated, beautifully to every move. Sounds in the game are also appreciated with the background music sounds magnanimous, huởng a little fun to make the game experience is more interesting than ever.