Knight Age 2

Knight Age 2 picks up right where the original left off Knight Age , except , that is 10x better than the original . I do not say that too often because I'm the kind of person holds all the sequel to a higher standard all original , in movies and video games .
However , Knight Age 2 also went further than the original in some way that I think is unique is not only necessary , but essential for the kind of letdown that Knight Age created for many people other than myself ( I enjoyed the game immensely ) .

One of the things I enjoy about both of these games is feeling like a guy from the 1800s and just picking some guy and settle our beef over dueling (how cool is that if this was a reality today?).I think it’s the spear that I am so in love with and always wanted to at least hold one, maybe not. earn to die

The user control buttons in Knight Age 2 is pretty simple for the most part. All you have to do is hold down the mouse (left handed side for newbies to PC games) and from there, you will need to choose the speed of the game that suits you. Now release after the speed and hold the mouse down again to use your aiming and lowering the lance as well.

Now, I would advise you to not make a mistake here as the targets often fire or hit back in this game more frequently than the prior Knight Age, so you’ll definitely have an easier time dying in this one as the degree of difficulty is way tougher in this game as opposed to the original Knight Age, which was kind of easy to not only control targets, but not having to deal with a lot of counter-action stuff from the pc game characters (aside from the lovely scary bear in the original).

The main goal of this version of Knight Age is that you have to go through the kingdom and defeat all enemies and it is not always easy (well, I suppose it may be for some of you hardcore gamers who are simply superior to me in online PC games). The music is very catchy and unlike many other games in this genre, these developers actually got this one right.

The music fits right along with everything that is happening and quite frankly, very fun to listen to while you are playing. I like silence when I am playing a game like that, however, music like that I can take and it fits the game perfectly. One of the biggest features of this game is that it is one of a few games on the internet online PC game world with 3-D graphic everywhere, which is always a plus for a 3-D buff like myself. A lot of people are going to go nuts when they see a cartoon internet game like this that has 3-D access.

As I just recently noticed, the combat skill of the Knight and of the game period is great. My only issue with that particular aspect of the game is scenery and less controls and more decent missions on top of good combat skills of the game. When you have a superior combat skill on the game, you want to utilize it more than just a few times. So in a sense, this game can be kind of a tease, however, I think it is well worth the check out. Knight Age 2 is back in action and he wants you to be back there too! Awesome!