Ignatius is the mobile game sonic style puzzle u type Limbo along the fascinating music full of charismatic was released by Sons of welder.
Accordingly, Ignatius is the new exciting puzzle game that was released by the Sons of welder earlier in March this year but immediately had his name inscribed on the list of the most outstanding names of the genre on Google Play. Ownership title mystery storyline, unique gameplay, with extreme sound fascinating put gamers in the dark journey sees no way back. earn to die

The context in the game talking about Ignatius boy accidentally entered the theater, the mystery of aging Vigo and he brought the boy into the dream. Unfortunately he forgot to disclose how Vigo stepped out of the dream that made the boy wandering Nomad and must find a way to escape.
So, join the Ignatius, the player controls the main character of the same name adventure in a strange, fanciful world where all things become stranger only 2 colors black and white. The player must help the boy escape quickly Ignatius hell vague, virtual real confused. earn to die play

Overall, from the gameplay style to images, Ignatius really have to Limbo day. In the game you will get familiar with the environment design in the direction of the horizontal screen with the ability to move, jump back and interact with the hindrances that game. The game will be divided into small, challenging gameplay through each level to players can familiarise gradually. 

The player's task is to find 3 roll of film and Assembly connecting them to complete across the table, the roll of the film represents the pieces lost memories of Ignatius are floating all over the place in this world. To find them, the player must undergo a question perplexing new Hammer might have been. Besides, players will gradually discover the plot of fascinating and scary part tomorrow in Ignatius.
Indeed, Ignatius carries the characteristics of a puzzle adventure game possibly as simple graphics with the deep black and white frames, sounds with charming music, slowly but still very scary cause players not being here is puzzle game or horror.