The story revolves around the Horn boy blacksmith apprentice. One day, you wake up and find myself the only one left in the village. All the people turned into the monster massive armored robot from the future title also the buildings turned into rubble, ruins. Like many other mobile game, you will enter the "chosen people", adventure around the world in the Horn, collect magic stones, fight the robot monsters, solve puzzles to find the life for humankind. If you've ever played Zelda will feel loved this game because the truth here is attractive and charismatic or Zelda. Earn to die
Outstanding characteristics of Horn is fighting gameplay similar to Infinity Blade. When encounters a monster, the player will immediately be set up in the mode 1 for 1 and use the virtual keyboard on the side to control the character move, pressure and pickup: Dodge asteroids launched the Japanese strong, brandishing the sword slashing sweet enemy. Every enemy will have a private weakness requires players to memorize to be able to pick out the most suitable technique, bring them down fast without spend blood, time. On the magnificent 3D graphics, sound effects full of excitement, the top and the adventure section await you.