Fighter Patrol 42

WWII Battle of Britain enter the period 10 July to 31 October 1940, and shooting, bombs, dodge and beat the Germans invaded in the excitement, side-scrolling shooter! Pilot a fighter plane Allies completely loaded in a series of high-octane, action battles packaging of the sky. Fighter Patrol 42 is a fast-paced, flying war game where you take on the tough fighter aircraft of the enemy in the more - challenging combat encounter. earn to die
Featuring awesome virtual replicas of actual WWII propeller fighter planes - Supermarine Spitfire, P51 Mustang, Focke-Wulf FW190, Messerschmitt Bf110 (Me110), and more, this is a tough piloting challenge designed to keep you on the edge of your seat!

Reasons to play this cool fighter pilot simulation game: Fans of dogfight battle games and fighter pilot action should enjoy the explosive entertainment on display! History buffs and fans of classic World War II fighter planes should hopefully enjoy the attention to detail and cool educational tidbits revealed about each airplane.

Strategy to win: Fast reactions, good hand-eye coordination and observation skills, sharp anticipation skills, and ample reserves of courage are all very important traits of a top fighter pilot. Accurate mouse clicking and control is also vital as you attempt to shoot as many Luftwaffe planes out of the sky as you can while avoiding damage to your own aircraft.