Destruction Maze

What is better than to play the game maze for challenging maze and get to destroy them in the process.
pretty cool little twist to this maze game . You have to guide the ball bouncing rubber your madness through a series of mazes . See if you can get through various obstacles in the maze game and get to the finish line earn to die

    Destruction maze is created by arcade pup, it will keep your local high score and keep track while you play so you can go back and try to better yourself. There are not too many options when first starting the destreuction maze game, but the game is pretty simple so you should have no trouble picking it up.

    This is destruction maze v1.1 When you first start off the maze in level 1 you click anywhere to start the game. Let the demolition begin and while going through the different free maze games levels you can destroy most things in your path. The game has different power ups to help you get the the free mazes and advance to the next levels.

    Like other maze games we have here this game is pretty basic but while being a simple free game it accomplishes the goals of most maze games. It is very addicting and we found it to be entertaining and worth posting.