Bump the blue circles off the screen in Buttonheads 2

Buttonheads 2 is the second installment from the game series called Buttonheads which was created by Indus Labs and was released in 2011. This is considered as a cute shooter game because of the incorporation of cute buttonheads from which the name of the game came from. Since this is already the second edition, players can expect for improvements. One improvements that you will notice is the number of levels to play which is 25 at this particular version.

YouTube Video

The goal is still the same which is to bump the blue buttonheads off the screen. You will control the yellow buttonhead as the main ball. You will aim and fire by clicking the mouse towards the direction that the blue ones are located. You have five attempts in each level and if you fail, you can try again. Make sure that you know the direction and right power to bump off the blue buttonheads as well as avoid the red ones.