Be the protector in Shorty Covers

Do you have an idea what Shorty Covers is? What is its purpose? If you are totally clueless about it, then it is fine. This article will eventually help you know more about Shorty Covers. This is an example of a flash game. It is an online shooting game with a touch of uniqueness and braveness. The story in this game revolves around Vinnie, who is a cool guy and Shorty, who is Vinnie’s girlfriend. They are in a mission to kill certain enemies. But before that, let us tackle two reasons why you will love this game.

First is because of the involvement of shooting action. Second is because of the unique love story of the protagonists. The reason why the game is entitled as Shorty Covers is because of the scenario that Shorty, who is also a sharp shooter, will cover or protect Vinnie while he performs his duties or mission. Everyone who will bring danger to Vinnie will be killed by Shorty as if she is covering him all the time. The good thing about this game besides the shooting action, is the love of Shorty for Vinnie and vice versa.

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