Be the Doctor in Operate Now: Brain Surgery

Ever dreamed of becoming a doctor? Play the game fascinating is operated Now: Brain Surgery and see if you have the gift. To succeed in this activity, you have to be good in following instructions. In this game, the patient, Leah, are aneurysms in her brain. Find out where the exact location of the aneurysm is, you're a surgeon doctor will do the work on it. earn to die
You will be guided by series of instructions which you must follow in order to be successful with the operation. Take note also that upon cutting the scalp, a countdown timer begins. You only have four minutes to finish the operation from the moment the countdown begins. If you were successful with the operations, two new modes will be unlocked: Play as Intern and Play as Specialist. If you choose Play as Specialist, you will be performing the operation without instructions. earn to die 5