Space Mech/D-6 Space Vehicle

Space Mech/D-6 Space Vehicle. Is a 3D space combat game. In most all space combat games the vehicles move in a similar fashion to planes. D-6 is an experimental ship that uses a new type of movement system. The ship is able to move laterally to out maneuver its targets.

The development team is made up of Samuel Erik Swanson.
Desktop Executable: link

D-6 at a Glance:

The developer has played a few space combat games and has noticed that the majority of them have a movement system similar to a flight game. He wondered why so many space flight games stick to this model when space is a completely different environment (gameplay-wise) from being on a planet; to paraphrase Ender's Game: "there is no up or down in space".
  • Player's movement will be in six directions with respect to the player's axis. 
  • The player will combat enemy forces using the lateral movement system, and using projectile weapons.
  • Weapons will be projectile based rather than hit-scan based.
  • Enemies will move in a fashion similar to how most space combat games move.

Project Objectives

Have up to 15 minutes of solid gameplay to showcase the movement system and the combat.
  • Have initial practice exercises to get the player oriented to the movement of the ship.
  • Have the option to the player to re-do the exercises to try and get a better score.
  • Combat exercises will have the player fighting phantom ships to get used to the projectile based combat.
  • One or two more exercises to combine combat and maneuvering to warm up the player.
  • A mock dog fight with a few phantom ships to round out the exercises.
  • After the dog fight players will get a notification telling them that the research base is under attack from enemy forces and is tasked to defend the base until reinforcements arrive.

Final Project Video

Game Design Document Capstone