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Advent Rising Success No Action Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.8.4 Guide WineHQ 
Age Of Wushu Success No RPG MMO Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.6.2 Guide WineHQ 
Alan Wake Success No Action Runs slow in PlayOnLinux, but playable Guide WineHQ 
Alan Wake American Nightmare Success No 3rdPS Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.6.2 Guide WineHQ 
Albedo Eyes From Outer Space Success No Adventure Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.8.2 Guide  
Alien Arena Success Yes FPS Works great in Linux, no problems Official Website  
Alien Breed 2 Assault Success No Action Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 2.0.2 Guide  
Alien Breed 3 Descent Success No Action Runs great in PlayOnLinux; Wine 3.0 Guide  
Alien Breed Impact Success No Action Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 2.0.2 Guide  
Alien Shooter 2 Success No action Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.6.2 Guide WineHQ 
Aliens vs Predator 2010 Success No FPS Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.7.40 Guide WineHQ 
Aliens vs Predator Classic Success No FPS Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.6.2 Guide WineHQ 
Alien Swarm Success No 3rdPS Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.7.8 Guide WineHQ 
Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop Success No Action Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 2.12-staging Guide  
Alone In The Dark: New Nightmare Success No Action Adventure Runs GREAT in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.6.2 Guide WineHQ 
Amnesia: Dark Descent Waiting Yes FPS Horror  moddb  
Aquanox Success No FPS Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.6.2  WineHQ 
Arcanum Success No RPG Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.8.2 Guide WineHQ 
Arx Fatalis Success Yes RPG Runs Perfectly with PlayOnLinux Guide Wine HQ 
Assassins Creed Success No Action Runs Great with PlayOnLinux Guide WineHQ 
Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Success No Action Runs in PlayOnLinux with Steam & Uplay: Wine 1.7.24 Guide WineHQ 
Assassin's Creed II Success No 3rdPS Action Uplay launches and game runs great in PlayOnLinux Wine 1.7.1 Guide WineHQ 
Assassin's Creed III Success No Action Runs OK in PlayOnLinux; Wine 2.15-staging 64-bit Guide  
Assassin's Creed: Revelations Success No Action Runs in PlayOnLinux with Steam & Uplay; Wine 1.7.24 Guide WineHQ 
Avadon: The Black Fortress Success No RPG Works with Wine moddb  
Avencast Success No Action RPG Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 2.0.2 Guide  
Back To The Future Success No Adventure Runs great in PlayOnLinux, Wine 1.4.1 Guide WineHQ 
Baldur's Gate Success No RPG Runs in PlayOnLinux from GOG; Wine 1.6.2 Guide WineHQ 
Baldur's Gate 2 Success No RPG Runs in PlayOnLinux from; Wine 1.6.2 Guide WineHQ 
Bastion Success Yes Action GOG does not have native, runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.7.51-staging Guide WineHQ 
Batman: Arkham Asylum Success No Action Runs with PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.5.3 Guide WineHQ 
Batman: Arkham City Success No Action Works in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.5.3 Guide WineHQ 
Batman: Arkham Origins Success No Action Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.7.8 Guide  
Battlefield 1942 Success No FPS Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.8.4 Guide WineHQ 
Battlefield 2 Success No FPS Military PlayOnLinux - patch 1.5 Guide WineHQ 
Battlefield 2142 Success No FPS Military Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.9.11-staging Guide WineHQ 
Battlefield Bad Company 2 Success No FPS Military Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 2.0 Guide WineHQ 
Battlefield Vietnam Success No FPS Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.8.4 Guide WineHQ 
Battlefront 2 Success No FPS Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.7.46 Guide WineHQ 
Battle Realms Success No RTS Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.8 Guide GOG 
Betrayer Success No FPS Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.6.2 Guide WineHQ 
Beyond Good and Evil Success No Action Runs in PlayOnLinux from GOG; Wine 1.6.2 Guide WineHQ 
Big Fish - Drawn Series Success No Adventure Runs GREAT in PlayOnLinux; Wine 3.0 Guide  
Binary Domain Success No FPS Runs Great in PlayOnLinux; Wine 3.0 Guide  
Bionic Commando Success No Action Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 2.0.3 Guide  
Bioshock Success No FPS PlayOnLinux runs great! Guide WineHQ 
Bioshock 2 Success No FPS GFWL is patched out in Steam; Wine 1.7.26 Guide WineHQ 
Bioshock Infinite Success Yes FPS Runs in Steam with eON translator (WINE)  Steam 
Black Dawn Success No Action Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 3.2 Guide  
Black Dawn Success No FPS Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 3.2 Guide  
Blood Success No FPS Horror Works with Dosbox DOSbox Guide  
Blood Bowl Success No Strategy Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 3.0 Guide  
Bloodrayne Success No Action Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 2.0.2 Guide  
BloodRayne 2 Success No Action Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.7.54-staging Guide WineHQ 
Bombshell Success No Action Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 3.3 Guide  
Borderlands Success No FPS Runs in PlayOnLinux, Wine 1.8 Guide WineHQ 
Borderlands 2 Success Yes FPS RPG BL2 Now has a native port; or PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.7.8 Guide WineHQ 
Botanicula Success Yes Adventure Puzzle Works with Wine and Native Linux Binaries moddb  
Brink Success No FPS PlayOnLinux Wine 1.7.8 moddb WineHQ 
Brothers In Arms: Road To Hill 30 Success No FPS Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.6.2 Guide WineHQ 
Brothers Two Sons Success No Puzzle Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.8.3 Guide WineHQ 
Brutal Heretic Success Yes FPS Runs in GZDoom Guide  
Brutal Legend Success Yes 3rdPS Action Double-Fine released a native Linux binary Gamespot WineHQ 
Bulletstorm Failed! No FPS Installs fine, DRM problems with GFWL Gamespot WineHQ 
Californium Success No Adventure Runs Great in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.8  GOG 
Call of Duty 2 Success No FPS Military Runs perfectly in PlayOnLinux Guide Wine HQ 
Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Success No FPS Military  moddb WineHQ 
Castlevainia: Lord of Shadows Success No Action Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 2.0.3 Guide  
Cave Story Success No platform Works with Wine moddb  
Champions Online Success No RPG Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.7.47-staging Guide WineHQ 
Chronicles of Riddick Success No FPS Sci-Fi works in PlayOnLinux moddb WineHQ 
Cities XL Platinum Success No Sim Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 2.0.3 Guide  
City Of Steam Success No MMORPG Runs in Firefox with Pipelight Guide Website 
Clive Barker's Jericho Success No FPS Runs Perfectly in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.6.2 Guide WineHQ 
Combat Flight Simulator 3 Success No Simulation Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 2.0 Guide  
Confrontation Success No Action Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.6.2; some graphical bugs Guide WineHQ 
Consortium Success No RPG Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.8.5 Guide WineHQ 
Costume Quest Success Yes RPG From Humble Bundle Double-Fine steam WineHQ 
Counter-Strike: Source Success Yes FPS Runs GREAT in Native Steam Steam WineHQ 
Crime Cities Success No Action Runs great in PlayOnLinux; Wine 3.0 Guide  
Crysis Success No FPS Sci-Fi Requires a patched version of Wine Guide WineHQ 
Crysis 2 Extreme Edition Kinda Works No FPS Runs in PlayOnLinux; Try Wine staging versions to reduce crashing Guide WineHQ 
Crysis Warhead Success No FPS Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.7.8-d3d_DoubleBuffer Guide WineHQ 
Darkened Skye Success No Action Runs fine in PlayOnLinux; Wine 3.0 Guide  
Darkest of Days Success No FPS Runs on very HIGH settings PlayOnLinux Guide Wine HQ 
Dark Messiah Success No RPG Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.6.2 Guide WineHQ 
Darkness II Success No FPS Runs in PlayOnLinux; Lutris Wine darkness2-2.6-i686 Guide  
Darkplaces (Quake I) Success Yes FPS Works in Wine and has native Linux binaries website  
Darksiders II Success No Action Runs in PlayOnLinux; 64-bit Wine 1.8.3-d3d_doublebuffer Guide WineHQ 
Darksiders Warmastered Edition (DXVK) Success No Action Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 3.14-staging, DXVK 0.71 Guide WineHQ 
Dark Souls Success No Action RPG Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.8 Guide WineHQ 
Darkstone Success No RPG Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.6.2 Guide WineHQ 
Dark Void Success No 3rdPS Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.7.8doublebuffer Guide WineHQ 
DawnGate Success No RPG, Tower Defense Runs great in PlayOnLinux; Wine  Guide WineHQ 
Dawn of War 1 & Expansions Success No RTS Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.7.18 Guide WineHQ 
Dawn Of War II & Expansions Success No RTS Runs in PlayOnLinux with Steam; Wine 1.7.26 Guide WineHQ 
Dead Cyborg Success Yes Adventure Puzzle Download .tar.gz extract run moddb  
Dead Frontier Success No MMORPG Runs great with Pipelight and Unity3d Plugin Guide Dead Frontier 
Deadlight Success No Action Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 2.21-staging Guide  
Dead Meets Lead Failed! No Hack-n-Slash Does Not work in Wine moddb  
Dead Space Success No 3rdPS Sci-Fi Runs Great in PlayOnLinux Guide WineHQ 
Dead Space 3 Success No Action RPG Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 2.0-staging Guide  
Dear Esther Success Yes Adventure Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 2.0.3 Guide  
De Blob Success No Action Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 2.0.2 Guide  
De Journey Down Success Yes Point-n-click Uses native Linux Steam  Website 
Depths of Peril Success Yes RPG Dungeon RPG by Soldak Entertainment Demo  
Deus Ex Success No FPS Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.8.2 Guide WineHQ 
Devilian Success No MMORPG Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 2.0.2 Guide  
Diablo III Success No RPG Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 3.0 Guide WineHQ 
Diablo II & Lord of Destruction Success No RPG Runs very well in PlayOnLinux Guide WineHQ 
Diety Success No Puzzle Action Works with Wine Guide 
Din's Curse Success Yes RPG Dungeon RPG by Soldak Entertainment Demo  
DiRT 3 Success No Racing Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.8.4 Guide WineHQ 
Dishonored Success No FPS Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.7.49-staging Guide WineHQ 
Divine Divinity Success No RPG Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.6.2 Guide WineHQ 
Divinity 2 Directors Cut Success No Action RPG Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 2.0.2 Guide  
Doom 3 Success Yes FPS Sci-Fi Download Linux Binaries install from CD's moddb WineHQ 
Doom 64 Success No Action Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 2.0 Guide  
Doom II GL Waiting No FPS GL version supports mouse-look and high resolutions ZDoomGL  
DOTA 2 Success Yes RPG Runs Perfectly with Native Steam Steam  
Dracula 4 & 5 Success No Adventure Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 2.0.3 Guide  
Dragon Age: Origins Success No RPG Runs in Origin with PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.8 Guide WineHQ 
Drakensang Online Success No RPG Online Runs GREAT in PlayOnLinux Wine 1.6.2 Guide WineHQ 
Dreamfall: The Longest Journey Success Yes Adventure Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.7.33 Guide WineHQ 
Drox Operative Success Yes RPG Space RPG by Soldak Entertainment Demo  
Dungeon Keeper Success No RTS Runs in Linux Dosbox Guide by Daerandin  
Dungeon Keeper 2 Success No RTS Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.7.17 Guide by Daerandin  
Dungeon's and Dragons Online Success No MMORPG Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 2.0-staging Guide  
Dungeons & Dragons Online Success No MMORPG Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 2.0 Guide WineHQ 
Dungeon Siege 2 Success No RPG Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.8 Guide WineHQ 
Dungeon Siege 3 Success No RPG Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.7.49-staging Guide WineHQ 
Eidolon Success No FPS Survival Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.6.2 Guide WineHQ 
Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall Success No RPG Runs in native Linux DOSbox .074 Guide Elder Scrolls 
Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Success No RPG Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.7.6 Guide WineHQ 
Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Success No RPG Runs with PlayOnLinux Guide WineHQ 
Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Success No RPG Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.7.8 Guide WineHQ 
Enclave Success No 3rdPS Action Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.6.2 Guide WineHQ 
Enemy Territory Quake Wars Success Yes FPS Sci-Fi Runs Great with native Linux binaries Guide  
EnGarde Success No Action Runs well in PlayOnLinux; Wine 3.14-staging DXVK 0.70 Guide  
E.Y.E Divine Cybermancy Success No FPS Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.7.50 Guide WineHQ 
Fable III Success No RPG Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.8.5 - GFWL override Guide Wine HQ 
Fable: The Lost Chapters Success No RPG Runs GREAT in PlayOnLinux Guide WineHQ 
Fallout 1 Success No RPG Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.8 Guide WineHQ 
Fallout 2 Success Yes RPG Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.8 Guide WineHQ 
Fallout 3 Success No RPG Sci-Fi Works with PlayOnLinux and some tweaks Guide WineHQ 
Fallout: New Vegas Success No RPG Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.8 Guide WineHQ 
Far Cry Success No FPS Sci-Fi Runs Great in POL and OpenGL Guide WineHQ 
Far Cry 2 Success No FPS Runs GREAT with PlayOnLinux and med-high settings Guide WineHQ 
Fate (CD ROM) Failed! No RPG Will not complete installation  WineHQ 
FEAR Success No FPS Runs with PlayOnLinux and Wine 1.7.6 Guide WineHQ 
FEAR 2 Success No FPS Runs with PlayOnLinux and Wine 1.7.6 Guide WineHQ 
Firestarter Success No FPS Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 3.2 Guide  
Firestarter Success No FPS Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 3.2 Guide  
Flash & Unity Browser Games Success No All Genre's Runs in Firefox and Pipelight   
Flatout Success No Racing Runs perfectly in PlayOnLinux - Logitech controller Guide Wine HQ 
Freedom Force vs 3rd Reich Success No Action RPG RTS Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.8.5 Guide WineHQ 
Frets on Fire FoFiX Success No Music Rythm Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.6.2 Guide FoFiX 
Frontlines: Fuel of War Success No FPS Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.7.6 Guide WineHQ 
Full Spectrum Warrior Success No Tactical GOG version runs great in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.6.2  WineHQ 
Gauntlet Success No Action Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 2.12-staging Guide  
Ghostbusters Success No 3rd PS Action Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.7.51-staging Guide WineHQ 
Ghost Master Success No RTS Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.8 Guide WineHQ 
Ghost Recon Success No FPS Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.6.2 Guide WineHQ 
Gothic 2 Success No RPG Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.7.19 Guide WineHQ 
Gothic 3 Success No RPG Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.7.22 Guide WineHQ 
GRAW Success No FPS Military PlayOnLinux - needs display configuration Guide WineHQ 
Grim Dawn Success No RPG Runs in PlayOnLinux, Wine 1.6.2 Guide WineHQ 
Guild Wars 2 Success No MMORPG Runs Great in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.7.49-staging Guide WineHQ 
Half-Life 2 Success No FPS Sci-Fi Runs in Steam PlayOnLinux moddb WineHQ 
Half-Life 2 Deathmatch Success Yes FPS Runs GREAT in Native Steam Steam WineHQ 
Half-Life 2 Episode 1 & 2 Waiting Yes FPS Of course they work! This is Valve!  
Halo Combat Evolved Success No FPS Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.6.2 Guide WineHQ 
Hard Reset Success No FPS Sci-Fi Runs flawlessly in PlayOnLinux Guide WineHQ 
Harry Potter: Goblet of Fire Success No Action Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 2.0-staging Guide  
Harry Potter Sorcerer's Stone Success No Action Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.8.5 Guide WineHQ 
Harry Potter Sorcerer's Stone Success No Action Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.8.5 Guide  
Haven & Hearth Success Yes MMORPG Runs with IcedTea  Website 
Hedon Success No FPS Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 3.3 64-bit Guide  
Hellgate London Success No FPS Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 3.6 Guide  
Heroes of Might and Magic 1 & 2 Success No RPG Tactics Runs in Linux DosBox DosBox Guide  
Heroes of Might n Magic 3 Success No RPG Tactics Runs in Wine moddb WineHQ 
Homeworld Success No Strategy Runs in PlayOnLinux Moddb WineHQ 
Homeworld 2 Success No Strategy Runs in Playonlinux; Arguments: -nopbuffer WineHQ 
Homeworld: Cataclysm Success No Strategy Runs in PlayOnLinux Moddb WineHQ 
How To Survive Success No Survival Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.8.2 Guide WineHQ 
Hunted: Demons Forge Success No Action Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 2.0.2 Guide  
Hydrophobia Success No Action Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.8.4 Guide WineHQ 
Indiana Jones and the Emperors Tomb Success No Action Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.8.4 Guide WineHQ 
Inquisitor Success No RPG Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.8.3 Guide WineHQ 
Jack Claw Beta Success Yes 3rdPS Action Double-Fine Bundle, Runs at low resolution only moddb WineHQ 
Jade Empire Success No RPG Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.7.42 Guide WineHQ 
Just Cause Success No Action Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine1.6.2 Guide WineHQ 
Killer Is Dead Success No Action Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 3.3 Guide  
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Success No Action RPG Runs in Origin with PlayOnLinux; Wine 2.0-staging Guide WineHQ 
Kung Fu Strike Success No Action Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.6.2 Guide WineHQ 
Lara Croft: The Guardian Of Light Success No Action Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.6.2 Guide WineHQ 
League of Legends Success No Strategy Runs well in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.6-r4 Guide WineHQ 
Left4Dead 2 Success Yes FPS Runs Perfectly online cooperative  
Legendary Success No Action Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 2.0.2 Guide  
Legendary Success No FPS  Gamespot  
Legend of Grimrock Success Yes RPG Ran perfectly in POL with only d3dx9 Guide WineHQ 
Legends of Aethereus Success Yes RPG Beta Native Linux runs good, some artifacts and bugs Moddb  
LEGO: Indiana Jones 2 Success No Adventure Runs Great in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.6.2 Guide  
Lego Star Wars Success No Action Should work fine in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.6.2 Guide WineHQ 
Lego Star Wars 2 Success No Action Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.8.4 Guide WineHQ 
Lord Of The Rings Online Success No MMORPG Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.7.40 Guide WineHQ 
Lord Of The Rings: Return of the King Success No Action Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.6.2 Guide WineHQ 
Lost Planet: Extreme Conditions Kinda Works No 3rdPS Runs in PlayOnLinux; try Wine staging versions Guide WineHQ 
LUDWIG Success No Adventure Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 2.12-staging Guide  
Lumino City Success No Adventure Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 3.0 Guide  
Mageslayer Success No Action Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.8.4 Guide WineHQ 
Magicka Success No 3rdPS Action Runs good with PlayOnLinux; Wine 4.7.8 Guide WineHQ 
Magrunner Success No FPS Run great in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.6.2 Guide  
Mass Effect Success No 3rdPS Sci-fi Runs perfectly in PlayOnLinux Guide WineHQ 
Mass Effect 2 Success No RPG Sci-Fi Runs Great with PlayOnLinux Guide WineHQ 
Mass Effect 3 Success No FPS RPG Runs in PlayOnLinux with Origin; Wine 1.7.55-staging Guide WineHQ 
Mechwarrior Online Success No Action Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 2.12-staging Guide  
Medal Of Honor 2010 Success No FPS Military Runs in Origin in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.8 Guide WineHQ 
Might and Magic 9 Success No RPG Tactical Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.5.8 Guide by Daerandin  
Mind: Path To Thalamus Success No Adventure Runs well in PlayOnLinux; Graphical artifacts; Wine 1.6.2 Guide WineHQ 
Mini Ninjas Success No Action Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 2.0.2 Guide  
Modern Warfare (CoD) Success No FPS Military Runs in PlayOnLinux Gamespot  
Mount & Blade Success No RPG Run Perfectly in PlayOnLinux Guide WineHQ 
MX vs ATV Unleashed Success No Racing Runs Great in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.6.2 does not support widescreen Guide WineHQ 
Myst 5: End Of Ages Success No Adventure Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.8.2  WineHQ 
Myst III: Exile Success No Puzzle Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.6.2 Guide WineHQ 
Myst IV: Revelation Success No PnC Puzzle Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.7.7 Guide WineHQ 
Narbacular Drop Success No Puzzle Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 2.0.3 Guide  
Nation Red Success Yes Action Runs Natively in Steam and in PlayOnLinux Guide WineHQ 
Necrovision Success No Action Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 2.12-staging Guide  
Neverwinter MMORPG Success No RPG Runs GREAT in PlayOnLinux Guide WineHQ 
Neverwinter Nights 2 Success No RPG Runs great in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.7.8 Guide WineHQ 
Nosferatu Success No FPS Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.8  WineHQ 
Numen: Contest of Heroes Success No RPG Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.6.2 needs WinXP & WMP9 Guide WineHQ 
Oddworld Abes Oddysee Success No Action Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 2.0.3 Guide  
Orbiter Flight Space Simulator Success No Simulation Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.7.6 Guide by Daerandin  
Orion Prelude Success No Action Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 3.0 Guide  
Outcast 1.1 Success No Action Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 3.0 Guide  
Outlast Success No Horror Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.7.22 Guide WineHQ 
Outlaws Success No FPS Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.8.4 Guide WineHQ 
Overgrowth Success Yes 3rdPS Action Plays perfectly native Linux port Website WineHQ 
Painkiller: Black Edition Success No FPS Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.6.2 Guide WineHQ 
Path of Exile Success No RPG Runs fine in PlayOnLinux Guide Wine HQ 
Portal Success Yes FPS Puzzle Runs Great in Native Steam Steam WineHQ 
Prince of Persia 2008 Success No Action Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 2.0-staging Guide  
Prince of Persia 2008 Success No Action Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 2.0-staging  WineHQ 
Prince of Persia Sands of Time Success No Action Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.8.4 Guide WineHQ 
Project Eden Success No Action Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 3.3 Guide  
Prototype Success No Action Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.8 needs a few tweaks  WineHQ 
Psychonauts Success Yes Platform Puzzle Runs Perfectly in PlayOnLinux with GOG script Moddb WineHQ 
Quake 2 Success No FPS Runs perfectly in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.6.2 with Berzerker graphics mod Guide WineHQ 
Quake 4 Success Yes FPS Sci-Fi Runs perfectly with native binaries Guide  
Quake Live Success No FPS Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.6.2; No longer free-to-play  Website 
Quest For Glory 104 Success No Adventure Runs in Linux Dosbox Guide by Daerandin  
Quest For Glory 5 Success No Adventure Runs in PlayOnLinux; wine 1.4.1 Guide by Daerandin  
Rage Success No FPS Perfect in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.7.10 Guide WineHQ 
Ravensword: Shadowlands Success Yes RPG HumbleBundle download  
R.A.W Realm of the Ancient War Success No RPG Runs well in POL, Wine 1.7.4 needs dotnet 20, 30, 35 Guide  
Red Faction Guerilla Success No Action Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 3.12-staging + DXVK 0.60 Guide  
Remember Me Success No Action Runs Great in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.7.51-staging Guide WineHQ 
Renegade X Success No FPS Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.6.2 Guide WineHQ 
Renegade X: Black Dawn Success No FPS Sci-Fi Runs with PlayOnLinux Guide WineHQ 
Retro City Rampage Success Yes Action Works i PlayOnLinux  
Risen Success No RPG Runs good on PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.7.15 Guide WineHQ 
Risen 2 Dark Waters Success No RPG Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.8  WineHQ 
Rise of Flight Success No Flight Sim Runs great in PlayOnLinux; Wine 3.0 64-bit Guide  
Riven: Sequel to Myst Success No Puzzle Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.6.2 Guide WineHQ 
Rocket League Success No Sport Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.7.49 Guide WineHQ 
Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 Failed! No Simulation, Building Securom fails validation; Wine 1.7.10 WineHQ 
Royal Quest Success No RPG MMO Runs in PlayOnLinux with Steam; Wine 1.6.2 Guide WineHQ 
Rules of Survival Success No Action Runs decent in PlayOnLinux; Wine 3.11 Guide  
Rune Classic Success No Action Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.6.2 (Linux binaries available) Guide 
Runes Of Magic Success No MMORPG Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.8.2 Guide WineHQ 
Sacred 2 Gold Success No RPG Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.6.2 Guide WineHQ 
Sacred Gold Success No RPG Runs perfectly in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.6.2 Guide WineHQ 
Sanctum (UDK) Success No FPS Tower Defense - Runs with PlayOnLinux Guide WineHQ 
Scourge Outbreak Success No Action Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 2.15-staging Guide  
Serious Sam BFE Success Yes FPS Runs Great in Native Steam Steam 
Serious Sam II Success No FPS Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.8.3 Guide WineHQ 
Shadowgrounds Success Yes 3rdPS Sci-Fi Runs great with native Linux binaries moddb Steam 
Shadow Man Success No Action Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 3.0 Guide  
Shadows of the Empire Success No Action Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 2.15-staging Guide  
Shelter Success No Puzzle Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine1.8.5 Guide WineHQ 
Sid Meier's Pirates! Success No Action, Tactical, Strategy Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.5.18 Guide WineHQ 
Sims 3 Success No Simulation Launcher and Origin work in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.8 Guide WineHQ 
Singularity Guide Success No Action Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 2.0-staging Guide  
Slam Junk Failed! No Action Installs but does not run; Requires DirectX 11  ModDB 
Sniper Elite V2 Success No Action Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 2.21-staging Guide  
Sniper Elite V2 Success No Action Stealth Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 2.21-staging Guide  
Sniper Ghost Warrior Success No FPS Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.8 Guide WineHQ 
Soldier of Fortune Success No Action Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 2.0.2 Guide  
Sonic Heroes Success No Arcade Runs great in PlayOnLinux; Wine 3.0 Guide  
Soulbringer Success No ActionRPG Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.8.5 Guide  
Space Cadet Pinball Success No Arcade Runs perfectly in PlayOnLinux; Wine 3.0 Guide  
Space Trader Success No FPS Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.7.49-staging Guide WineHQ 
Spellforce Platinum Success No RTS RPG Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.7.35 Guide WineHQ 
Spelunky Success No Platformer Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.8.5 Guide WineHQ 
Spiral Knights Success Yes RPG Runs in Java 1.5 or newer Guide  
S.T.A.L.K.E.R Call of Pripyat Success No FPS RPG Runs perfectly with Wine 1.7.1 Guide WineHQ 
S.T.A.L.K.E.R Clear Sky Success No FPS RPG Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.6.2 Guide WineHQ 
S.T.A.L.K.R Shadow of Chernobyl Success No FPS Sci-Fi Installs with PlayOnLinux, only a few steps Guide WineHQ 
Starcraft Success No RTS Run in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.4 Guide WineHQ 
Starcraft II Success No RTS Runs in PlayOnlinux; Wine 1.7.6 Guide WineHQ 
Starsky and Hutch Success No Action Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.8.4 Guide WineHQ 
Star Trek Deep Space Nine: The Fallen Success No 3rd PS Runs Great in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.6.2 Guide WineHQ 
Star Trek Online Success No 3rd PS Sci-Fi Free MMO runs in PlayOnLinux Guide Guide 
Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force Success Yes FPS Sci-Fi Runs OK in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.4.1 Guide WineHQ 
Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast Success Yes FPS Runs great with Quake 3 Binaries on GIT Guide WineHQ 
Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic Success No RPG Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.6.2 Guide WineHQ 
Star Wars Republic Commando Success No FPS Military Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.8.2 Guide WineHQ 
Still Life 2 Failed! No Adventure Puzzle Major graphical artifacts  WineHQ 
Styx: Master of Shadows Success No Action Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 2.15-staging Guide  
Sudeki Success No Action RPG Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 2.0-staging Guide  
Super Wolfenstein HD Success No FPS Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.6.2 Guide GameJolt 
Swoooords Success Yes Arcade Action download .tar.gz extract run moddb  
Syberia Success No Adventure Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 2.0.3 Guide  
Symphony Quest Success Yes RPG Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.6.2  IndieDB 
System Shock 2 Success No FPS RPG Runs Great in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.6.2 Guide WineHQ 
System Shock Enhanced Success No FPS RPG Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 3.0 Guide  
System Shock Enhanced Edition Success No FPS RPG Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 3.0 Guide  
Tales Of Monkey Island Success No Adventure Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 3.0 Guide  
TERA Success No MMORPG Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 2.20-staging Guide  
Terminator FPS (UDK) Success No FPS Runs in PlayOnLinux Guide  
Terraria Success Yes Sandbox Native Installer and PlayOnLinux Runs Great  GOG 
The Ball Success No FPS Runs in Winetricks with Unreal Tournament 3 Guide  
The Curse of Monkey Island Success No Adventure Runs Great in SCUMMVM Guide  
The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav Success No Puzzle Adventure Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.7.13 Guide  
The First Templar Success No 3rdPS Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.8 Guide WineHQ 
The Flame In The Flood Success No Survival Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 3.0 Guide  
The Haunted: Hells Reach Success No Action Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.6.2 Guide  
The Haunted UT3 Mod Success No FPS Horror Works with Wine and Unreal Tournament 3 Guide  
The Hobbit Success No Action Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.8.5 GamersOnLinux WineHQ 
The Last Express Success No Adventure Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 3.0 Guide  
The Ship Success No FPS Works with Steam in PlayOnLinux moddb WineHQ 
The Testament of Sherlock Holmes Failed! No PnC Adventure Crashes right after First Case; Wine 1.7.8  Wine HQ 
The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Success No Adventure Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 2.4-staging 64-bit Guide  
The Witcher Success No RPG Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.7.9 Guide  
The Witcher 2 Success No RPG Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.7.5 Guide  
Thief 2 Success No FPS Runs in PlayOnLInux; Wine 1.6.2 Guide WineHQ 
Thief Gold Success No FPS Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.6.2 Guide WineHQ 
TimeShift Success No FPS Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.4 Guide WineHQ 
Tiny And Big: Grandpa's Leftovers Success Yes Puzzle  
Tiny Bang Story Success No Adventure Puzzle Ran perfectly with POL no libraries desura WineHQ 
Titan Quest Success No RPG Time Period Runs in PlayOnLinux - needs some tweaking Guide WineHQ 
Titan Quest Anniversary Success No Action RPG Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 2.0-staging Guide  
Titan Souls Success No Action Runs great in PlayOnLinux; Wine 3.0 Guide  
Tomb Raider 2013 Success Yes Action Runs in Linux, SteamOS & PlayOnLinux Guide WineHQ 
Tomb Raider Anniversary Success No Action Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 3.11 Guide  
Tomb Raider Underworld Success No Action Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 2.0-staging Guide WineHQ 
Tomb Raider V: Chronicles Success No Action Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.6.2 Guide WineHQ 
Tony Hawk: Pro Skater 3 Success No Sport Runs great in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.6.2 Guide WineHQ 
Torchlight Success No RPG Works with PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.6.2 Guide WineHQ 
Torchlight II Success Yes RPG Runs in Linux and PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.7.8 Guide WineHQ 
Tower Of Guns Success No FPS Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.6.2 Guide WineHQ 
Tron  Success No FPS Runs good in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.6.2 (some graphical gliches) Guide WineHQ 
Tropico 3 Success No Sim Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.8.5 Guide  
Two Worlds: Epic & GOTY Success No RPG Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.7.10 Guide  
Two Worlds II Success No RPG Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.6.2 & 1.7.22 Guide WineHQ 
Unreal Success No FPS Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.6.2 Guide WineHQ 
Unreal Tournament 2004 Success No FPS Runs Great in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.6.2 Guide WineHQ 
Unreal Tournament 3 Success No FPS Sci-Fi Works with Winetricks & lots of great mods Guide WineHQ 
Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines Success No Action Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.7.8 Guide by Daerandin WineHQ 
Van Helsing II Success No RPG Runs Great in PlayOnLInux; Wine 1.7.51-staging Guide WineHQ 
Velvet Assassin Success No Action Runs in PlayOnLinux; WineHQ Guide WineHQ 
Viscera Cleanup Detail Success No FPS Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 3.0 Guide  
Wakfu Success Yes RPG Native port available; Free to Play Guide Website 
Warcraft III Success No RTS Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.7.4 Guide WineHQ 
Warhammer 40K: Space Marine Success No 3rdPS Sci-Fi Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 2.12-staging Guide WineHQ 
Warhammer Dawn of War: Dark Crusade Success No RTS Runs Great in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.7.8 Guide WineHQ 
Watch Dogs Success No Action Sandbox Runs in PlayOnLinux with Wine 3.14-staging and DXVK 0.71 Guide  
Wing Commander Saga: The Darkest Dawn Success No Space Action Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.6.2 Guide WineHQ 
Wolfenstein 2009 Success No FPS Sci-Fi Runs in PlayOnLinux Guide WineHQ 
World In Conflict Failed! No RTS Fails because of DirectX 10   
World Of Warcraft Success No MMORPG Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.8 Guide WineHQ 
Year Walk Success No Adventure Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 2.0.3 Guide  
Zeno Clash 2 Success Yes FPS Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.8 Guide WineHQ 
Zombie Shooter 2 Success No action Runs in PlayOnLinux; Wine 1.6.2 Guide WineHQ 
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