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iQue Now On Sale Lik Sang posted that the new Nintendo iQue is now in stock and shipping. The iQue is a handheld gadget that allows you to play SNES and N64 games on it much like your standard console but the hardware is built into the controller so no need for a seperate console unit. Liksang have also posted a article with loads of images (including iQue internals) and also a movie showing it in action. You can read the article and also order the iQue at Lik Sang. 17:24 GMT Aladdin GBA v0.99999 (GBA game remake/techdemo) Here is the text taken from it's homepage: This is my first videogame project. That is to say, it's the first time I've done something involving a realtime game loop where things happen in the background regardless of what the user is doing. I made this demo for the specific purpose of making a game-like-thing. I chose to remake a section of the first level from the Sega Genesis Aladdin because Aladdin is an example of a game that still looks good today. Unlike other Genesis games, the color use is minimal allowing ugly effects like dithering to be avoided. As a result, the game looks solid and has some amazingly smooth animation thanks to the Disney artists who contributed to the project. The demo was created from scratch, from defining my own object structures, to creating animation and scrolling system, and eventually taking care of collision and object AI (although I wouldn't really call what's present in the demo "intelligence.") Non-programming areas like cutting out frames of animation from the original and putting together backgrounds in a map editor took up the bulk of the development time and were the most tedious tasks. ... 13:23 GMT Bunny Xmas (GBA game) Shen's third and last update is an improved version of Bunny Xmas which was an entry to Visoly's Coding Competition hold in 2001. 13:23 GMT Loop The Loop v21-11-2003 (GBA game) Shen's entry for the PDRoms Coding Competition has also seen an update. There is no history, nor a version number so I added the binary date. If you know the entry for PDRC1 you will recognize that the way things disappear after they have looped changed a bit. Now you can also hit fruits with your line without loosing a life. Just avoid the 'real enemies. 13:22 GMT SWorld 3 (Release 4) (GBA game) Shen recently updated SWorld 3. The changes for this version: * Difficulty Levels added * Luscious multilayer scrolling backgrounds * A couple of new enemies * Probably some other stuff I am forgetting * Continue and Options menu items aren't enabled yet, so don't bother trying 13:22 GMT PDRoms Coding Competition I - Results The results of the first PDRoms Coding Competition are now public. I got the last judgevote around 8 hours ago... I worked the whole night to calculate the results (now it's 6.28am :). Before I present the link to the results a very hughe thanks to Gambitstudios, Gamefreaks, GBAX, GP32-Europe/Mitsui, Lik-Sang, Emanuel / HAMlib and Success-HK for supporting my competition with great prizes! Submission were sent in for GBA, GP32 and GBC. Get the results by clicking on the link below. 5:53 GMT XG2CM v0.55 and XG2Turbo Link Ver 0.5 Another update to the XG1/XG2 flashing software. Changes are: [1] fix the driver install bug,now can auto detect the XG Power View plugin already. [2] fix some bugs under winXP,more stable than previous version [3] add some plugin option,now can choose the BootLoad and plugin directory You can download the new release from here. Also released is the flashing software for the new XG2Turbo device. You can download it from here . 16:17 GMT am3 Advance Movie Adapter finally on sale Lik Sang posted news today announcing that the long awaited GBA Movie Adapter is now available to buy. Heres a snippet of the info from their site: The am3 Advance Movie Adapter (aka am3 SmartMedia Adapter) allows playing of content coming on SmartMedia Cards on the Gameboy Advance. This includes Japanese Anime, picture galleries, game previews and trailers, music videos and music files and also educational software and e-books, Karaoke and more. Judging by the number of posts on the forums asking about playing movies on the GBA this device could be very popular! You can read more information about the Movie Adapter which also includes a promotional video at Lik Sang. 23:26 GMT PCEAdvance v5.1 Also updated by Flubba is his PC Engine emulator PCEAdvance. Just the one change to this release fixing a bug in the clock routines. Again, download this new release from the homepage here. 19:22 GMT Goomba v1.8 Flubba updated his Gameboy emulator today. Changes are: Added support for 32kbyte ERAM for MBC1 and MBC5 also. Fixed transfer of games that are 128kbyte big. Fixed a smal error with the joypad reg. Fixed the HALT instruction. Fixed RTC routines. You can download the new release from the homepage here. 19:20 GMT Deadline for Super Memory Stick competition tomorrow Just a quick reminder that the little competition to win a SMS finishes on Saturday 23:59pm. Please read the forum post here for more information and the rules. Also I would like to point out there hasnt been much convincing me to give the SMS away so come up with something half decent ;) 16:17 GMT EZF Advance Client v0.99b and driver update A new version of the flashing program and drivers for the EZF Advance have been released. Changes are: 1. Fixed the deadlock bug when add ROM with no MultiROM 2. Fixed the deadlock bug when running client with cable not plugged 3. Fixed the bug that saver and ROM can't be backup when there is illegal char in gane name 4. Fixed the bug that can't support pokemon clock 5. Add AM/PM diskplay in loader 6. Fixed some bugs in displaying game name in loader You can download the new released from the homepage here. 22:06 GMT XG2CM v0.53 A small update to the XG1/XG2 flashing software has been released. This version has an 'install shell' and some bug fixes. You can download it from here.

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