Super Mario played differently in Mario Crossover 4

If you were among those who enjoyed playing video games and Family Computer games, you will surely love yet another Mario Crossover installment. Mario Crossover 4 is another reunion of classic video game super heroes. Once again play six game super heroes in Super Mario 1 setting.

Choose among Simon of Castlevannia, Megaman of Megaman, Bill R of Contra, Samus of Metroid, Link of the Legend of Zelda and, of course, Mario of Super Mario. Each of the characters bring along their abilities and powers. See them run like Mario but fight turtles and other enemies with their own powers and stuffs. You will surely enjoy playing this game even if it is your first time to play the game and see these super heroes. The game retains its simplicity yet challenging. Learn more about this retro game from the game’s homepage.