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Pastel Portraits of Your Animal Best Friend

More Information 

Answers to several common questions may be found on my FAQ Page. Other related information can be found below.  Please contact me directly if you have any other questions.

Pet Portrait Sizes   

Several sizes of portraits are available. Head and shoulder poses typically can be smaller, but full body or multiple subject compositions usually need to be larger to keep adequate facial sizes. Please refer to my Pricing Page to see the options. More information is also available on my FAQ Page.

Sources: Photographs / Digital Images   

I always work from photos, so please send several of each subject for reference. Portraits of multiple subjects can be created from different individual photos, but a wide selection of reference poses and details will help with the combined composition. Please let me know which photos of your pets that you like best.

High quality photographs make the best sources and can aid with the accuracy of the final composition. There should be at least one very clear photo showing the details of the face and eyes. There should also be a photo denoted that best conveys the closest color match to the actual animal.

Digital versions of the photographs are fine to work from, but they must be in high-resolution, high quality TIFF or JPEG format. Digital files may be sent via e-mail, or mailed on a CD ROM. All printed photos provided by the client will be returned with the final artwork.

Personal Meetings

Whenever possible I like to meet the animal that is the subject of the portrait. In addition to being able to take photographs of the animal, this interaction helps me to understand the character and personality of the subject. Depending on your location, clients are welcome to bring their animal to visit me or I may be able to come visit them. I can travel anywhere within Northern Virginia, Washington DC, Bethesada MD area on fairly short notice. There may be some minor cost, depending on the distance traveled.

Money Back Guarantee

I offer a 100% money back guarantee on every pet portrait if you are not completely satisfied. Digital proofs of both interim and final versions of the arwork will be provided, and must be approved before the final artwork is delivered.

Special Compositions and Multiple Subjects

Specific backgrounds or other compositional elements may be included, depending on the client preference. These will require additional resource photography for reference and depending on the complexity, may also require a slightly higher fee.

Multiple subjects can also be combined into group portraits, either from a single image, or from different image resources. These usually require more reference photography than single portrait. Depending on the complexity, multi-subject portraits sometimes require a slightly higher fee. Once the source photography has been evaluated and the composition can be assessed, a final confirmation of the fee will be provided.

Turnaround Time

For more information about turnaround time, please see my FAQ page. Generally, it is better to plan on the process taking a couple of months. However, allowance can sometimes be made for specific delivery schedules. In the case of Christmas schedules, these should be planned well in advance, due to the demand during that season. I provide Gift Certificates as another option to meet quick turnaround needs.
Payment and Delivery   

I do not accept credit cards and payment by check or money order is the normal procedure. Portraits are not delivered until payment has been received. For more information about payment and delivery, please see my FAQ Page


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