Gamble McCown Pet Portrait FAQs

Pastel Portraits of Your Animal Best Friend

Answers to Frequently Asked Pet Portrait Questions

Q:  What source do you use for the portrait?

A:  I prefer to work from photographs, either high-quality photographic prints or high-resolution digital images. These should show actual colors as accurately as possible. It is better to have a wide variety of images, particularly showing as much facial detail as possible. A strong, simple image that would make a good framed photograph is usually the best source for a portrait. But when in doubt, more images are better. If traditional print photographs are provided, all photos will be returned with the final artwork.

Q:  How long will it take to have a portrait made?

A:  It will usually take 1-2 months for me to schedule and then complete a portrait. In some cases I may be able to offer a tighter turnaround to meet the timing of a special occasion, such as a birthday. In cases where a quick turnaround is not possible, I do offer a Gift Certificate option which can be redeemed by the recipient at a later time.

Q:  What forms of payment do you take?

A:  I do not take credit cards at this time and require payment by personal check or money order. Full payment will be required in advance of delivery. When working with clients by long distance, I will provide interim and final proofs by a digital exchange via e-mail. When the client has approved the final artwork and the payment has been received, I will then ship the final portrait as per the pre-arranged shipping instructions.

Q: What are the steps required to order a pet portrait?

A:  First, contact me via the telephone or e-mail address provided to discuss your specific need. Some of the information that I will need includes:

  • What size portrait do you want? (See size options on my Pricing page.)
  • Will the portrait be a head and shoulder pose or a full body? (See examples of both on my Gallery page.)
  • Do you have any special compositional or background needs or ideas?
  • Can you provide some information about the personality and character of the animal?
  • Is the portrait needed by a certain date?
  • Will the portrait be a gift?
  • What shipping address and arrangements do you need?


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