Welcome to Gambled Horses

We are an Horse racing advisory service for the serious proffessional investor who wishes to increase his/her financial portfolio using horse racing as an investment method...

From The oldest home of Horse Racing Doncaster.

 We use market indicators only to determine our horse selections 5 minutes before each race using the current live market. For years mathematicians have been trying to figure out the enigma code of the horse racing world.

We believe we have finally cracked it. For every true gambled horse in any race the bookmaker must keep his over round percentage figures on the book therefore unwittingly giving us the edge and sight of the horse that has attracted the "real" money and not bookmakers false money..

All is proofed to the racing index in real time recorded time as it happens in black and white. Just click on the racing index link to see realtime actual results! We only post full selections wins and losses and are transparent in every way possible unlike most well known tipsters. Why? because they can not make consistant long term profits like they say. We expect at least 50 points level stakes profit by the end of each month!

 Information is sent direct to your mobile phone after subscribing. After subscription is recieved  we will ask you for your mobile number. You will then receive a one week free trail to help you use the bookmakers money to then fairly pay us for further information.

you will receive your selection within 5 minutes before the off due to the sensitive nature of the information to help keep the price.


Try a one week free trail just email me your mobile number

or email gambledhorse@aol.com for the gold service and how to pay as you go!

We hope you enjoy our website, why not look at the services we offer and get in touch.