Golfer of the Year


 Weekly Qualifying Competitions

GOY Points will be awarded for players 10 best weekly qualifying competitions. These points are as follows.

 First Prize 10 GOY points

  Second       8  GOY points

Third          6 GOY points

Fourth        4 GOY points

Fifth           2 GOY points

  The Wakefield Club Matchplay Competition

GOY Points for Club Matchplay Competition, The Wakefield Cup are as follows:

 The Winner will be awarded     20 GOY Points,

The Runner up will receive       16 GOY Points,

Semi Finalists  will receive       12 GOY Points 

Quarter Finalists will receive     6 GOY Points

 Major Competitions

GOY Points will be awarded for the players best 2 out of 4 Major Competitions ie Lady Captains, Captains, Presidents Prize and Directors Cup.

On these days Double GOY Points will be awarded ie 20 points for 1st, 18 for 2nd, 16 for 3rd through to 2 points for 10th place.

 GOY will run from the first qualifying competition and will end after the Directors Cup


Below are the current GOY standings as of 19th July 2015:-

Orla Shields52
Noonan Claire50
Kelly Mary40
Caulfield Fiona38
Hanley Bridgie36
Eileen Clasby34
O'Driscoll Fiona22
Randall Carmel22
Cosgrave Mandy20
Kelly Marie20
Molloy Eilisa20
Gough Nano18
Gohery Noirin14
Harkin Margaret14
O'Flaherty Helen14
Toohey Deirdre14
Sands Kathleen12
Hynes Jeanette10
Kiely Ruth10
Killeen Aoife10
Quinn Jacinta8
Rooney Sharon8
Costello Suzanne8
Power Hilary8
Reilly Sheila6
Lynch Aoife4
Sheehan Aileen4
Murray Ann2
O'Regan Caitriona2


Below is updated GOY as at 10th May 2015.


Handicap Committee 2015

Clasby Eileen20
Caulfield Fiona18
Orla Shields16
O'Driscoll Fiona14
Cosgrave Mandy12
Kelly Marie12
Molloy Eilisa10
Hynes Jeanette8
Hanley Bridgie8
Quinn Jacinta8
Harkin Margaret8
Lynch Aoife4
Kelly Mary4
Sands Kathleen4
Gough Nano2
O'Regan Caitriona2

Eileen Clasby
Handicap Secretary

2015 GOY 

at 03/05/2015

Eileen Clasby      20

Fiona Caulfield     18

Fiona O Driscoll   14

Mandy Cosgrave  12

Jeanette Hynes     8

Bridgie Hanley       8

Jacinta Quinn        8

Eilisa Molly           6 

Orla Shields          6

Marie Kelly           4

Aoife Lynch          4

Mary Kelly            4

Kathleen Sands    4

Margaret Harkin    2

Nano Gough         2 

Previous GOY Champions

2014 - Eilisa Molloy          
2013 - Mandy Cosgrave

2012 - Orla Shields

2011 - Sharon Rooney

2010 - Shelia Reilly

2009 - Bridgie Hanley

2008 - Nano Gough