Workshop Description

This is a hands-on workshop using the GIS-based visioning tool CommunityViz. We are pioneering an innovative use of an electronic "white board" that enables full use of the power of CommunityViz and Geographic Information Software in such a way that the technology itself is "out of the way".

The exercise will involve placement of the 410,000 new residents forecast for the western shores of Galveston Bay through 2035. You will "paint" the map with different land use types, including rural,  conventional development, moderately dense detached homes, townhomes, etc. The software will allow you to see what impacts your configuration will have in terms of storm resilience, pollutant runoff, water use, and more. 

The CommunityViz-based model that we are developing is known as the Coastal CHARM model (for Community Health and Resource Management). This workshop will be the first public rollout of the model. We will continue to build on this model with your help. See the Charm model and Light Table set up page for more of a description.

We will have six white board tables set up at the workshop, accommodating about 8 people each, or about 50 total. We will spend the morning, starting at 9, painting the target area. After lunch (provided), we will compare the six different scenarios, exploring and commenting on the different impacts.