Journal Articles

Does TFP drive Housing Prices? A Growth Accounting Exercise for Four Countries,

Economics Letters, 2012, 115 (2), pp. 221-224. (with Moro)

Optimal Research and Development and the Cost of Business Cycles

Journal of Economic Growth, 2011, 16 (3), pp. 257-283

The computer code can be found here

A New Location Estimation System for Wireless Networks based on Linear Discriminant Functions and Hidden Markov Models

EURASIP Journal on Applied Signal Processing, 2006, 1 (2), pp.215-232 (with Páez)

A New Time-Hopping Multiple Access Comunication System Simulator: Application to Ultra-Wideband

EURASIP Journal on Applied Signal Processing , 2005, 3, pp. 346-358 (with Páez)

Working Papers

Learning from Experience in the Stock Market

ECB Working Paper 1396 (with Nakov)

Money Dynamics with Multiple Banks of Issue: Evidence from Spain 1856-1874

Banco de España Working Paper 1119, 2011 (with Tedde and Moro)

Saudi Aramco and the Oil Market

ECB Working Paper 1354 (with Nakov)

Articles in Expansion and Cinco Días (in Spanish)


"Real-Time Analysis of Oil Price Risks Using Forecast Scenarios" by C. Baumeister and L. Kilian

Discussion Banca d'Italia Conference 3rd International Conference Carlo Giannini, 2012, Roma

"Optimal Disinflation under Learning" by Cogley, Matthes and Sbordone

Discussion ECB Conference "Information, Beliefs and Economic Policy", 2011 Frankfurt

Opennes to Trade and Supply Chain Diversification” by Caselli, Koren, Lisicky and Tenreyro

Discussion 12th EACBN Worskshop, 2010, Budapest

Policy papers

The Process of Economic Adjustment after Financial Crises: a Historical Perspective

Economic Bulletin, Bank of Spain, October 2011, pp. 3-17.

Energy Markets and the Euro Area Macroeconomy

ECB Occasional Papers, 2010, June, No.113

El proceso de ajuste económico después de crisis financieras: una perspectiva histórica (in Spanish)

Boletín Económico, Banco de España, 2011 (9), pp.100-116

Un modelo para analizar las causas y consecuencias de las variaciones en el precio del petróleo (in Spanish)

Boletín Económico, Banco de España, 2010 (2), pp.66-78 (with Nakov)

After Bretton Woods II

BBVA Working Papers 0806, 2008 (with Escrivá, Garcia-Herrero and Vial)

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