Surrey Archers at Gally Hill


Archery at Gally Hill

The Surrey Archers

The Surrey Archers are a collaboration between the Atkins Archers and the Surrey Bowmen to provide facilities for indoor archery throughout the year. Both Clubs also shoot at other, outdoor, venues. Training for beginners is available at very reasonable cost.

Indoor Archery

The Indoor archery season is now in full swing at the new venue of the Surrey Archers at Gally Hill Shooting Club, Banstead. Membership of the shooting club is required to shoot regularly at the venue but individuals may shoot on up to 5 occasions (paying a shooting fee of £4.00 per visit) without having to becoming full members at Gally Hill. The thought is that we will be able to encourage archers to shoot on the 5 'Postal League' nights throughout the winter months

Contacting the Archery Section 

You can contact the archery section at Gally Hill directly, either by e-mail to Atkins or through the Surrey Bowmen contacts page, or by e-mail to

Alternatively you can contact Gally Hill membership by email at, or by post at the address given on the membership page.

Surrey Archers

For information on Gally Hill Shooting Club, please follow the link below.

Gally Hill Shooting Club