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  • E & J Gallo Winery was founded in 1933 by Ernest Gallo and Julio Gallo in Modesto, California. E & J Gallo Winery is the largest exporter of California wines. The company has been pivotal in establishing Sonoma County as one of the premier wine growing regions in the world.
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Riedel O Cabernet/Merlot Wine Tumblers, Set of 2
Riedel O Cabernet/Merlot Wine Tumblers, Set of 2
Designed by 11th generation, Maximilian Riedel, these Riedel O Cabernet/Merlot tumblers are reminiscent of the Vinum bowls, only without the stem. Trendy and sophisticated, these tumblers will perform much like Riedel's preceding wineglass creations, but will also fit easily into the dishwasher or cupboard without the worries of breaking the stem. For those who would like to experience the concept of matching the shape of the glass to the grape without the traditional stemmed glass, these Riedel O wine tumblers are the answer!

Founded in 1756, Austria’s Riedel Crystal is the world’s premier manufacturer of wine glasses and has always catered to the fine wine connoisseur. However, these wine tumblers are part of the company’s first attempt at producing a lower priced wine glass for casual entertaining. Like Riedel’s prestigious Vinum series of glasses, these tumblers are specifically designed for a particular grape varietal and still maintain their ability to enhance the flavors and aromas of the wines they were intended for. The only difference is that the tumblers are missing their stems, making them slightly less delicate to handle, more modern in appearance, and easier to fit in smaller cabinets, mini bars, picnic baskets, and the dishwasher.
The O series of glasses are made of machine-made of non-leaded glass. The shape of the two glasses in this set is specifically recommended for young, full-bodied red wines with high tannin and extract, such as Cabernet or Merlot. Each glass holds 21-1/8 ounces of wine, stands 4-7/8 inches tall, and is completely dishwasher-safe. --Cristina Vaamonde

MIPtalk - Episode 13 - Glenn Llopis
MIPtalk - Episode 13 - Glenn Llopis
This week’s guest is Glenn Llopis. He is the prototype of the new entrepreneur whose success lies in steadfast character, passion for life and an ability to marry social responsibility with ground-breaking products and services. He combines a celebrated UCLA education with fast-tracked years at the Gallo Wine Company and Sunkist where he became the youngest senior manager in the company’s 100 year history. Leading the successful turnaround of Sunkist’s juice beverage division opened the door for his next endeavor, the vice president of the $1 billion Norway Seafood Company at only 30 years old. In the decade since, Llopis has parlayed his traditional experience into nontraditional ventures that have been featured in The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Fortune, Larry King Live, Good Morning America, The Financial Times, Advertising Age, Brandweek, MSNBC, Yahoo! News and others. He has also authored more than 30 articles appearing in these and other business publications. For additional reference we’ve included links to some of the people, places and things discussed in this episode: Earning Serendipity by Glenn Llopis Tuesdays With Morrie by Mitch Albom Camaguey, Cuba Massanutten Military Academy Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cornell University Los Llopis Cuban Revolution Corona del Mar High School University of California, Irvine Center For Hispanic Leadership Generation Y/Millennials Panera Bread The Denver Idea Cafe Meetup Group Chapman University Entrepreneur Seeing With Circular Vision Sowing Entrepreneurial Seeds Growing Seeds of Greatest Potential Sharing The Harvest Donald Trump Miller Light San Miguel de Allende Chef’s Harvest
1962 Gallo Wine Ad Coby Whitmore
1962 Gallo Wine Ad Coby Whitmore
Oh my... what a gorgeous couple. Painting by the one and only Coby Whitmore.