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Welcome. I started this page when I was the program director for Jeff Galloway's marathon building program. As of the 2013 season, I am no longer serving in that capicity. You can still find here relevant information about Jeff's philosphy and about the Milwaukee group that once was. Anyone interested in fun people to run with, most of whom use Jeff's run/walk/run method is free to join us. We are mostly corresponding on Facebook now.
The marathon buildup program is geared toward Milwaukee's Lakefront Marathon in October. The Chicago marathon is usually within 1 week of LFM. We've also been running the Summerfest Rock 'N sole half marathon. In 2013 it will be on June 15.  
I've put a suggested schedule for this year. It has runs being Sundays. This let's me get a good day's work in at the office every Saturday. Also, it lets us use the BLS program in the summer for makeups. We'll start at 8:00 am on Sunday April 14. Let's coordinate through facebook to fine tune.