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With 02nd June 2012 less than a year away, the organising committee met to connect , convey and convince. The many groups in Galleywood will join forces  to CONNECT and deliver the day of Celebration 02nd June 2012. Each has agreed to share the message, Galleywood will Celebrate 2012, CONVEY the message to all in Galleywood to join our Parade and join our Celebrations on Galleywood Common 02nd June 2012. The Organising Committe and you will CONVINCE Galleywood we have a community event to be proud of.

126 Days Left - Save the Date 02nd June 2012

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154 Days Left - Support Your Local Event Organisers

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With 154 days left until 02nd June 2012 and our community event on Galleywood Common, the notices for planning permissions will be going up.
We want to hear everyones views, please support your local event, by recording your support for the community fun day.
Local organisers, GOJOC (galleywood olympic jubillee organising committee) will also be reaching out to residents to be vocal and support our plans.
Currently, we are looking for
- stewards to support our street parade and our events on Galleywood Common on 02nd June 2012.
- houses in Galleywood to dress their houses with Olympic or Jubilee themes, particularly along the parade route on Watchouse Road
Tel:  01245 358898, speak to Clerk Jane Head, or Deputy Clerk Nicola Caton
Post: Ms Jane Head, Clerk to Galleywood Parish Council,Keene Hall,Watchouse Road,Galleywood,CM2 8PT 

209 Days Left - Participants

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Saturday 02nd July 2012 we join our street parade from Jubilee Park to Galleywood Common. Schools, clubs, businesses and community groups, take this as an invite to all to get involved.
We want to have marching bands, dance troupes , sports participants who will parade to the event arena on the Galleywood Common.
Attachment has a poster , support us by displaying it in your window, and cut off and return the support slip to show you want to support the event, on the day join in or help
CONTACT: Richard Hyland, Galleywood Heritage Centre, Galleywood,Common CM2 8TR. Tel: 01245 475734 or Email: (Galleywood Village Celebration)


Organising Committee_Appointments

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Congratulations on the creation of the community organising Committee and the appointments to the posts of Chair, Secretary,Treasurer, Publicity Manager, Youth Ambassador and Parish Council representative.
Chair:        Richard Hyland
Secretary: Joanne Kelly
Treasurer: Stephanie Troop
Publicity:   Louise Bruder
Youth:       Rosie Smith 
Council:    Cllr John Turkentine
Council:    Cllr Neville Paul

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