About us

Our purpose 
GalleriaClic is an online gallery, which has been created to serve as a point of contact between contemporary artists and art lovers and buyers wherever they might be. Amongst the proliferation of art that abounds around the world’s major art capitals now and again we encounter artists and concepts that prick our imagination and excite us. At GalleriaClic we are constantly exploring the art scene and when in our journeys we are rewarded with something that excites us we want to spread that excitement, giving it the attention it deserves. To collectors in particular we aim to bring exciting and challenging art. Artists should do what they do best; produce art while collectors should get the opportunities that might otherwise escape them, to engage with interesting artists and own exciting art. To artists we want to give the freedom to be artists plus the opportunity for maximum exposure. 

Our Artists 
Artists are featured on GalleriaClic by invitation only and the works exhibited have been individually hand selected with the aim of meeting the demands of contemporary art lovers. New artists and new works are added to the site on a regular basis. GalleriaClic has an individual professional relationship with featured artists. This means that in most if not all cases relationships are fostered over a period of time while we actively familiarise ourselves with the artist’s work. In some cases we commission pieces specifically for the site.