Congratulations on being accepted into the 2014-15 Gallego Chorus!
Practice your heart out!

2014 practice videos for the Winter Concert:

We will add some jingle bell instruments to this - probably the front row:

Jingle Bell Rock

There are lots of motions to memorize! :)

12 Days of Christmas

A soloist is going to be singing the verses, the chorus will sing the refrains.

A La Nanita

There will be students acting this out while we sing.
The top video has no vocals.  The bottom video has the singing and the speaking parts.

Snowman - instrumental accompaniment only.

Snowman with vocals and dialog.

Higher voices sing Anna's part.  Lower voices and all guys sing Hans' part.
I would also like one boy and one girl to act it out while chorus sings.

Love Is An Open Door

Someone has been chosen to dance to this song.

Let It Go

I found a better version that will help us with the Spanish.


This will be sung by higher and lower voices.

Silent Night/ Peace Peace