Jessica Smith

Smith, Jessica. "Jessica02." Flickr. 5 Nov. 2007. Web. 16 Feb. 2011.


Amanda Noori
Rachael Solano
Nidale Zouhir

AP Literature, Malden High School, MA

Edited by Ryan Gallagher

20 February 2011

That poetry would just be a pretty combination of words isn't satisfying for me.  I would prefer to be physically challenged as a reader-- to have my eyes and mind work differently due to the physical presentation of the poem.  Alternatively I would like to be emotionally challenged-- for a poem to describe feelings or thoughts that seem to put the poet's inner self on the line, to take a risk that allows me to connect to my own deeper feelings.

Smith, Jessica. E-mail interview with Amanda Noori, Rachael Solano, Nidale Zouhir. 11 January 2011.