Hoa Nguyen

Thomson, Karen. "Untitled photograph of Hoa Nguyen, 2009.) We Who Are
About to Die
. 3 May 2010. Web. 16 Feb. 2011.



Alexandra Mathieu
Gabrielle Melo-Moore
Tenzin Kunsang

AP Literature, Malden High School, MA

Edited by Ryan Gallagher

20 February 2011

I guess I have an idea of poetry as a vow, per Anne Waldman, to serve and continue a tradition that creates possibility and conversations relevant to one’s own time—to be placed in one’s time, with clear affinities to what has come before, with empathetic connections to beings human and otherwise, to understand these patterns. To converse there. To 'turn with,' artfully, discovering.

Livingston, Reb. Interview with Hoa Nguyen. “A conversation with Hoa Nguyen (part 1).” We Who Are About To Die. 27 May 2010. Web. 7 Jan. 2011. par. 24

I have a lot of stolen goods in the poems. So much has been stolen-- womens' sexuality, our power in birthing, reverence for the earth etc.

I am trying to steal it back.

Nguyen, Hoa. “Question Five Re: Malden High School - AP Literature Poet Research Project: Questions.” Message to Tenzin Kunsang, Alexandra Mathieu, and Gabby Melo-Moore. 18 Jan.2011. E-mail.