Dorothea Lasky

"Untitled photograph of Dorothea Lasky." Photograph. East Village
. 16 Sept. 2010. Web. 20 Feb 2011.


Hong Chung
Renee Santo
Kisla Rami

AP Literature, Malden High School, MA

Edited by Ryan Gallagher

20 February 2011

To me the speaker is not the poet, but is part of the poet. Each poem to me is a kind of performance. Sometimes in a performance an actor plays the role of a person who is just like him or her and the audience can see the similarities . . . Actors and poets . . . are both chameleons and they use language and their bodies to convey what is truly important (emotions).

I think folding personal events into poems creates power because it puts emotion in the poems. I like exerting my power as a woman, because I feel like I can then create more space for other females to express themselves through poetry (or whatever art form they choose). . . I hope that you will write poems of your own and/or make powerful things that will change the world."

Lasky, Dorothea. “Interview Questions.” E-mail to Hong Chung, Renee Santo, Kisla Rami. 23 Jan 2011.