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 Malden High 12th Grade Literature Students 
 Research on Visual Artists You Should Know
2014 - 2015

2011 - 2012

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2009 - 2010

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Malden High 12th Grade Literature Students and
 Research on Visual Artists You Should Know

For the past 5 years, I have been having high school students write research papers on visual artists—mostly Contemporary or 20
Century Artists.  I give the same exact assignment to all levels of students, but these essays represent the best eight papers from my 2010 AP Literature course—and I truly find them entertaining and enlightening to read.  I hope you enjoy them as well. 

Ryan Gallagher

Empowering Women--'Crazy, Sexy, Cool': Stephany Jean on Wangechi Mutu


The Mystery of Banksy 
by Samantha Power

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