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I make stuff. Music will be found below. Other stuff will be found here:
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Bi-Coastal Cakewalk (2007)

My latest composition - a piano duet.

Bi-Coastal Cakewalk

Bi-Coastal Cakewalk (electroversion)


An album of electronic children's music. In progress.

Playground Waltz
Empty Stomach
Learning to Walk
Ricky the Robot (unfinished)
Parent Consoling a Child

The Steps (2007)

My latest project. Each piece has a different meter. "One Step" has one beat per measure, "Two Step" has two beats, and so on. In progress.

One Step
Two Step
Three Step
Four Step

Five Step (unfinished)

Piano Music

Various piano pieces.

Love Song of a Circus Freak
Insides of a Mechanical Boy
Punchinello Jello

Ghost in G Minor


Synthesized Stuff

Various electronic pieces. Sorry for the cheesey MIDI sounds.

Insides of a Mechanical Boy (electroclash version)

Nesta Webster Sings the French Revolution Blues


An Escapade to the Dreamland

Spiders in my Hair

Bass Pluck & Heaven Cent


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