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The  major  outputs  of  this  program  are  two  (2)  innovation  projects  related  to  DRR  Resiliency  and  Local  Economic  Development (LED).  Prior  to  the  first  face  to  face  workshop,  fellows should  be  able  to  start  thinking  about  innovation  ideas  for  their  projects. During the first face to face workshop, initial project planning and consultation with the mentors will be done. Afterwards, a 6-month practicum phase follows where participants are given two (2) months during the practicum to finalize their project plans. A second face to face workshop is conducted after in which additional guidelines on implementation, monitoring and evaluation are discussed.  The rest of the four (4) months of the practicum phase is allotted for implementation and monitoring of the project. A colloquium will be held during the last month of the practicum to discuss the outcome of the innovation projects.
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