Galilee Orphans and widows care

Galilee Orphans and Widows Care is a church project based in Suna East Location of Migori District.  It was started in 1997 to cater for orphans and has now rapidly expanded its program to widows and HIV/AIDS persons care and support.  The current population is 41 orphans (which has grown from 22 when it started) and 30 widows, all with various degrees of needs.
The center takes care of:

1. Accomodations: The 41 orphans are temporally housed by the Church members who provide sleeping spaces In their huts (see photos)while the center provides beddings for the orphans.


2. Feeding: The Centre provides meals and refreshments during the day, including early dinner.


3. Clothing: The Centre provides clothing and laundry work for the orphans because some are too young to take care at themselves.  However, widows are also clothed.


4. Education: Although the Centre is ill-equipped for this, a nursery school is provided under the church building.  Those above nursery school are supported to good fee paying schools by the Center.


5. Healthcare: The Centre lacks healthcare facilities and relies on private and Government hospitals.  The nearest hospital is approximately 25 km away and there is no means of public transport to the hospitals and the problem with Government hospitals is scarcity of drugs, overcrowding in wards and cost sharing, just to mention but a few.


6. Care to widows: They are clothed, supported with healthcare facilities provision and financially assisted when in need like school fees, uniform, etc. for their children.


7. Source of funds: The Center relies on well wishers and donors.  At the moment there are no sponsors and the help from well wishers is too Inadequate.  However, the Centre is engaged in small scale farming whose proceeds are insufficient and cannot sustain the project.

8. Way forward: ISAIAH 58:10-12

[a] The Center requires a children's home and an actual nursery school.  The church building which is currently used, is not ideal/perfect for the purpose.

[b] The Centre requires accommodation blocks, etc. (e.g, permanent church building, well or bore-hole for water, visitors houses, kitchen, two latrines, children's hostel, beddings, furnitures, public address system for crusades, generator to provide light, kitchen appliances, etc.).

[c] The Centre therefore seeks for help in any form to be able to assist these unfortunate members of the [Church] Society who have noone to assist and who live by faith of God Almighty's intervention.  Beloved, any help to address the above challenges/shortages, especially on a long  term basis will be highly appreciated.


Thank you.  May God bless you, and may the grace of our King Jesus Christ be with your spirit as you prepare to extend your hands towards the work of the Lord to these children of God.  Amen.


Faithfully yours,


Rev. Jafeth Owiti Okech [Chairman]

And all Board at Directors

For Galilee Revival Gospel Fellowship-Kenya. 


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