Active Projects with GALFA-HI Data

 MBM 53-55 HI Shell and its relation to molecular gas, dust, etc.
    People:  S. Gibson , E. Korpela, S. Stanimirovic, C. Heiles, K. Douglas, J.E.G. Peek, M. Putman
The evolution between atomic and molecular gas
   People: M-Y Lee (student), S. Stanimirovic, C. Heiles

Dust to Gas comparisons in HVCs and IVCs
    People: J.E.G. Peek, M. Putman, C. Heiles, K. Douglas
    (e.g. Peek et al. 2008,, accepted to ApJ)

Straight Needle Features and their relation to Galactic magnetic fields
   People: J.E.G. Peek, C. Heiles, E. Korpela, S. Stanimirovic, K. Douglas, S. Gibson, M. Putman

 Interaction between globular clusters and the Galactic disk
  People: J. van Loon , S. Stanimirovic, M. Putman, J.E.G. Peek
    (van Loon et al., in prep)

 Morphological and Kinematic Structure of Very High-Velocity Clouds (VHVC)
  People: J.E.G. Peek, M. Putman 
    (e.g. Peek et al. 2007, ApJ, 656, 907)
 Magellanic Stream: Extension and interaction with the hot halo
  People: L. Nigra (student), S. Stanimirovic , S. Hoffman, M. Putman, J.E.G. Peek, J. van Loon, B. Gibson

 Head-Tail High-Velocity Clouds (HVCs)
   People:  M. Putman, J. Grcevich, S. Stanimirovic, F. Heitsch, J.E.G. Peek, B. Gibson, C. Heiles 

 HI in Local Group galaxies (new and existing) 
  People: J. Grcevich (student), M. Putman, J.E.G. Peek, B. Gibson

Environment of M33
   People: M. Putman , J.E.G. Peek, C. Heiles, E. Korpela, S. Stanimirovic, K. Douglas, S. Gibson
    (Putman et al. 2008, submitted to ApJ)

Discrete Cold Clouds
  People: J.E.G. Peek, J. Grcevich, A. Begum, M. Putman, S. Stanimirovic

Local Leo Cold Cloud 
  People: J.E.G. Peek, C. Heiles (A2220 data)

Complex C:  Structure, Cloud Catalog, Comparison to the Stream
  People:  W. Hsu (student), M. Putman, S. Stanimirovic, J.E.G. Peek, F. Heitsch (A2060 data) 
    (Hsu et al., in prep)
The Anti-center shell
  People: J. Cychosz (student), A. Begum, S. Stanimirovic, J. Peek, M. Putman

Multi-scale and turbulent HI in different environments: statistical study
  People: B. Burkhart (student), A. Begum, S. Stanimirovic, A. Lazarian, S. Gibson, J. Peek, C. Heiles

The above are projects currently being worked on, with the lead of the project in red.  Email if you would like to start a new project or be included in an existing project.

Publication Policy:  "The first paper you publish with TOGS data should include Josh Peek and Kevin Douglas as co-authors, as they have both committed a large number of working hours to make the data available for scientific analysis. In addition, if any of the following people voice an interest in becoming involved in a project you propose you should include them, as they also played an important role in making the data available: Kevin Douglas, Steven Gibson, Carl Heiles, Eric Korpela, Josh Peek, Mary Putman, Snezana Stanimirovic."