Contact Scientist Calendar

If you would like to contact someone knowledgeable about GALFA-HI operations, please feel free to call one of us. For ongoing observations, please contact the person who is scheduled as our primary contact scientist:

Josh Peek: cell: 510-299-4427, work: 212-854-4609
Snezana Stanimirovic: 608-259-9449 (home), 607-890-1458 (work)
Mary Putman: 917-539-3795
Steven Gibson:  520-400-4314, 270-904-2149 (home), 270-745-3019 (work)
Eric Korpela:  510-856-6380 (cell), 510-582-8726 (home)

Daily data checkers (DC)

If you would like to know about current issues regarding GALFA observations, please contact the person starred below who is scheduled as a daily data checker. 

Jana Grcevich (JG):
Tim Hutchinson (TH):
Min-Young Lee (ML):
Josh Peek (JP):
Nick Pingel (NP):
Additional Madison checkers: Claire Murray (CM), Al Lawrence (AL), Jesse Miller (JM) 

Primary Contact Scientist Calendar