Galesburg Camera Club News

Best of Show: BW Ballon by Rick Cross

October Competition Results:
TITLE                                       MAKER                        SCORE
BW Ballon                                Rick Cross                       24
Checkers                                 Rich Ankeney                  22
Keithsburg                               Rich Ankeney                 22
Mormon Row Lonely House      Keith Williams                22
Antiquated Stearman                Rich Ankeney                21
Bears                                        Anne Golden                 21
Birds                                        Anne Golden                  21
Cafe Negril                               Rich Ankeney                 21
Chicago                                    Anne Golden                  21
Canon                                       Rick Cross                     21
Eat                                            Rich Ankeney                 21
Vancouvers Piers                       Keith Williams                21
Bike at Tree 2                            Linda Wilson                  20
Primary Color Door                    Rich Ankeney                20
Cesky Krumlov Umbrellas          Keith Williams               19
Everywhere Else is Cleveland     Rich Ankeney                19
Father Daughter Outing            Linda Wilson                  19
Fireworks                                 Anne Golden                  19
Gun Barrel                                Rick Cross                     19
Hands                                      Rick Cross                      19
Leaf                                         Anne Golden                  19
Pond Frog                                Keith Williams                19
Tree                                        Anne Golden                  19
Barn Decor                              Linda Wilson                   18
Butterfly                                  Keith Williams                18
Cookie Monster                       Rick Cross                     18
Near Discovery Depot              Rich Ankeney                18
Fabulous                                 Keith Williams               18
Fishing Tackle                         Linda Wilson                 18
Fuse Box                                 Rich Ankeney                18
Ode to Grant Wood                 Rich Ankeney                18
Lily Reflection                         Stan Farmer                  18
NAWLINS                                 Rich Ankeney               18
Summer Sunrise                      Rich Ankeney               18
ART                                         Keith Williams              17
Bird Bath                                 Rick Cross                    17
Circus Arts & Capitol               Keith Williams              17
Mist on Lake                           Anne Golden                17
Museum of Death                   Rich Ankeney               17
Painted Flowers                      Linda Wilson                17
Pink Trumpet                         Linda Wilson                17
Salzburg Storm                      Keith Williams              17
Trees                                     Anne Golden                17
No Parking                             Rick Cross                   16
Sharkey's Pier                         Stan Farmer                 16
Tropic Colors                         Linda Wilson                16
White Barn                             Anne Golden                16
Alpacas 1 altered                   Linda Wilson                 15
Boats                                     Anne Golden                 15
Cardinal                                 Anne Golden                 15
Car Show at Dusk                   Linda Wilson                 15
Corner Fence                          Linda Wilson                 15
Gas Station                             Anne Golden                 15
Gator                                      Anne Golden                 15
Lake 1                                     Anne Golden                15
Lake 2                                     Anne Golden                15
Party Favors                            Linda Wilson                 15
Shooting Burst                        Stan Farmer                  15
Smiling Alpaca                        Linda Wilson                 15
Wake                                      Keith Williams               15
Alpaca 1                                 Linda Wilson                 14
Rust Button                            Rich Ankeney                14
Bird Cardinal 1                       Anne Golden                 13

Join us at our next meeting, Tuesday, October 17, 2017. We meet at the Whitcomb Art Center at Knox College on the upper level and start at 6pm.
It is a competition night. If you have never entered a Galesburg Camera Club competition it is a great way to get some feedback on your images and see a lot of other peoples' images. There are directions for getting your images prepared and submitting them for the competition in the GCC Handbook for 2017-18 (link).
Hope to see you at the meeting.

September 2017
Welcome  back. Plan on joining us at our next meeting, Tuesday, October 17, 2017. We meet at the Whitcomb Art Center at Knox College on the upper level.

Thanks to Stan Farmer and Keith Williams for joining the GCC Google Group email list at the meeting the other night.

Click on "Archives & Documents" on the left if you are looking for a PDF of the current  GCC Handbook for 2017-18.  Save it some place because it contains the information you need to know about how to prepare and submit files to the GCC competitions. The first GCC competition will be at the October meeting. You can enter up to 15 images. There are no subject or theme categories.

Tom Foley is the new GCC president.

At the meeting Tuesday we viewed and discussed some member images. 

Mike Godsil also showed and commented on some of his images from a summer trip to Iceland and Greenland.

September 28 Summary of September Meeting and 2016 - 17 Plans

Hello, Everyone! 

Here is a summary of the first Galesburg Camera Club meeting from Tuesday, September 20th (GCC club meetings are on the third Tuesday of the month). 

Attendance was sparse, but should improve as we move into Fall.  

We discussed the calendar for the upcoming GCC year and  there is more information about it below. I am really excited about some of the things we will be offering. We also had an informal discussion about some student photographs that were brought to the meeting. The discussion included everything from camera techniques to "tweaking" images in post processing. 

Here is the plan for the year. Print it out and put it on the refrigerator because there should be a huge amount of information, understanding , and experience being shared in these discussions. 

GCC 2016 – 17 

October 18          Competition 

                               Photography 101: Overview; ISO; Aperture 

November 15       Critique 5 or 10 - Mike Godsil 

                                Photography 101: Shutter; Components of Exposure          

December 20        Holiday Gathering   TBA 

January 17             Competition 

                                 Photography 101: Metering; Shooting Modes; White Balance 

February 21           Critique 5 or 10 – Rich Ankeney 

                                 Photography 101: Video Basics; Flash 

                                 What's New! 

March 21                Competition 

                                  Improving Photographic Composition – Mike Godsil 

April 18                   Critique 5 or 10 

                                  Photography 101: File Types; Downloading Images; Auto Focus 

May 16                     Competition 

                                  What's New! 

                                  Wrap up 


I am really excited about Photography 101. The goal is to discuss the fundamentals of photography in an informal way. These discussions should prove beneficial to everyone from the most experienced to the least experienced among us. It will include new information, new understanding, and hopefully, new application of the skills and techniques discussed. 


Critique 5 or 10 will be a new feature this year. In the past, many of you have asked for this and it will be a valuable learning tool for improving your images. Critique 5 or 10  will feature one of us choosing five or ten images from the previous month's competition to talk about. These might not necessarily be the winning images, but instead, images  that give us all an opportunity to learn something. 


The October meeting will include our first competition of the year. In March of 2016 the club revised and greatly simplified the rules for the competitions Here is a review of the changes.  

Competition Guidelines: 

  1. Image categories no longer exist. You can enter up to 15 images into each competition. They can be any theme, genre, or style. 

  1. File naming should follow this format:       imagetitle$$yourname.jpg 

  1. Example: fallsunset$$ankeney.jpg 

  1. File requirements: All submission should be jpg file format. The file should be 1400 pixels on the long side (the short side measurement should just 'float' to keep the same proportions as the original file). You can save the Resolution to whatever you want 




To submit entries to the competitions you can either email files to: 

or simply bring them to the meeting. If you choose the email option, please submit by Sunday midnight before the Tuesday meeting so Bill has time to harvest the files. 



I hope this information about what is going on at the GCC this year will make you as excited as I am about the opportunities to learn and improve your photography that we will be presenting. The club also gives you an opportunity to see how your work stacks up to that of other photographer's with various degrees of knowledge and experience. Hope you'll join us in October. This also seems like the perfect time to bring someone you know who is interested and could benefit from the discussion. 


Rich Ankeney

The March competition results are posted now! Thanks to Bill Nice for his help in this.
There are co- Best of Show images because the night of the meeting a storm was rolling in and we tried to get done so members could leave.
Start getting your images ready for the May competition, now.
Scroll down a bit and review the new competition guidelines.

Meeting Reminder
The Galesburg Camera Club meeting is Tuesday, March 15. We will start at 6 PM.
March is a competition month so please submit images to the email address below by Sunday night so Bill has time to prepare them for the meeting ( this is the preferred method because it really speeds things up,or bring images to the meeting.

Spring 2016 Opportunites
There are many opportunities coming up this spring to gain some camera tips, improve your photographic "seeing", and network with other photographers. Here is a short list of events occurring nearby:
Slices of Time Photography workshop will be held on the campus of St. Ambrose University located in
Davenport, Iowa  on Saturday, March 5th .

Creative Visualization for Photographers by Rick Sammon is the Peoria Camera Club seminar, March 12th at Illinois Central College.

Moose Peterson will be at the Linn County Camera Club seminar in Cedar Rapids, April 23.

The Galesburg Camera Club, Knox College, and the Carl Sandburg Festival will be sponsoring a couple of events with Galesburg native and artist Sean Culver .
Sean will give an artist's talk on Thursday, April 28 at Knox and will be at the Galesburg Public Library on Saturday morning April 30 as part of the annual Sandburg Days Festival.

The  next Galesburg Camera Club meeting is Tuesday, February 16. 
We meet in Borzello Hall at Knox College.
If you haven't been with us for awhile, consider joining us next Tuesday. The meeting will include information about many opportunities for you to gain new knowledge about photography and get inspired to get your camera ready and start taking photos this spring.

Image result for andreas feininger the photojournalist
In keeping with the new format this year, there will be no competition in February, but start getting your images ready for the March competition! I will share information about club competitions as we continue to streamline the process and make it easier for you to enter and easier and quicker to tabulate the results.
Finally, I'll be presenting Ten Steps to improve your photography. The steps cover the fundamentals of a process you can use and re-use to keep you "focused"!!!
There are also some short videos integrated into the presentation, so you'll see some great images from Henri Cartier-Bresson, Dorthea Lange, Yousuf Karsh, W. Eugene Smith, Andreas Feininger, Matthew Brady, Norman Parkinson, and Ted Grant.

I really hope you will come join us for an evening of information and photo fellowship.