Galesburg Camera Club News

Join us at our next meeting, Tuesday, March 19, 2019. We meet at the Whitcomb Art Center at Knox College on the upper level and start at 6pm.

On photo competition months members can bring up to 15 files to the meetings to discuss with the club, on a flash drive, or email them to Bill Nice @

File naming: image title$$maker's name.jpg.

Sample: Duffy's$$TomFoley.jpg

Files should be:

Format ------------ jpeg

Dimensions: File sizes should just be 1400 pixels on the long side.

File Size ------------- Try to keep each file around 1 MB.

Resolution-----------300 PPI

All avid local photographers are welcome, and are encouraged to attend this meeting. There are directions for getting your images prepared and submitting them for the competition in the GCC Handbook for 18 - 19 (link).

Hope to see you at the meeting.

Click on the highlighted title below if you are looking for a PDF of the current GCC Handbook for 2018-19. Save it some place because it contains the information you need to know about how to prepare and submit files to the GCC competitions.You can enter up to 15 images. There are no subject or theme categories.

To submit entries to the competitions you can either email files to:

or simply bring them to the meeting. If you choose the email option, please submit by Sunday midnight before the Tuesday meeting so Bill has time to harvest the files.