Aranka Gérné Mezősi Sculptor Hungary

Aranka Gérné Mezősi Sculptor Hungary




ROWER Sculpture-graphics Wire, aluminum,glue, akryl paint

 280 Euros


BALLERINA Bronze stone

40cmx20cmx12cm 1600 gramm 
 990 Euros


DON QUIJOTE Sculpture-graphics Wire, aluminum,glue, akryl paint, wood

37cmx26cmx14cm 196 gramm 
 400 Euros


HARMONY Bronze stone

35cmx15cmx10cm 1977 gramm 
 1370 Euros


JONAH THE CET Sculpture-graphics Wire, aluminum,glue, akryl paint

70cmx20cmx15cm 117 gramm 
 320 Euros


SPIN Sculpture-graphics Wire, aluminum,glue, akryl paint

30cmx20cmx10cm 40 grammsss 
200 Euros


BALANCER Bronze stone

45cmx20cmx20cm 3594 gramm 
 1250 Euros


Pain Sculpture Bronze stone

45cmx11cmx9cm 3135 gramm 
 1370 Euros


SEE Bronze

36cmx24cmx7cm 48 gramm
 1170 Euros

Date of birth: 1955
Place of birth: Cegléd, Hungary
Job: sculptor, artist, art-teacher 

Art’s Schools

1975 Kaesz Gyula Secondary school, Budapest – Wood carver
1996 Secondary School of Craftsmanship – Pottery and Ceramics

2006 SzegedUniversity – Juhász Gyula Teacher’s Training Collage History of Art, Teacher of Art
2009 Art University of Pécs – Object–system
2011 MOME – Art Therapy

About me:

My pieces of work are abstract inspiring figurative wood carvings which make people think and use imagination. They are mostly inspired by the colours and forms of Nature. My favourite material is wood that I usually paint. I use other materials as well such as textile, bronze or wire. I make small sculptures and medals from bronze. I like trying my hand at different materials and use them in installations. I also like making functional sculptures that can be used as an object. I lead a study circle in my studio.

I had exhibitions in several places in Hungary:
Albertirsa, Budapest, Szombathely, Debrecen,Kozármisleny ,Pécsvárad, Komárom, Kaposvár, Pécs,…..

I had exhibitions abroad:
Slovakia : Dunaszerdahely, Malacky, Nagyölved,
Italy : Gagiano,
France : St. Claude, St Angelo
India : Nashik, Delhi, Mombey

Professional Rewards :
2002 Second Place in Szeged OTDK
2003 Second Place in Szeged OTDK
2005 Second Place in SzegedOMDK
2010 Second Place in Keszthely art festival
2011 Second Place in Ice-carving in Dabas
2011 Special Prize in Miniature work in Kaposvár I like working and teaching others to enjoy Art.



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