GALEON (Geo-interface to Atmosphere, Land, Environment, Ocean netCDF)

Recent Activities

The GALEON initiative has significantly evolved over the past year.  The OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium) Interoperability Experiment has been far less active as the WCS (Web Coverage Service) standard has undergone substantial changes.  As implementations of WCS 2.0 become more commonplace, the GALEON IE will be reactivated.  In the meantime, the focus has been on establishing the netCDF and associated CF (Climate and Forecast) Conventions as formal OGC standards in their own right.  These specifications are being developed in accordance with the new "core and extensions" modular approach to standards documents.  A CF-netCDF Standards Working Group (SWG) was formed in late 2009 and, as of late 2010, is initiating a vote in the OGC Technical Committee on three CF-netCDF specifications: 1) CF-netCDF Primer outlining the components of the overall standard, 2) a netCDF core standard based on the netCDF classic data model, and 3) an encoding extension to the core based on the netCDF Classic and 64-bit offset binary encoding.  The OGC standards work is built on the netCDF encoding standard endorsed by NASA earlier.  Future plans for this effort include extensions to the data model, extensions for conventions (including CF), additional encoding extensions, and possibly extensions for the netCDF APIs (Application Programming Interfaces).  In parallel, an extension to the WCS 2.0 core specification had been drafted for the CF-netCDF binary encoding.

On the other hand, considerable work has been underway in terms of developing demonstrations and performing experiments with OGC specifications other than WCS.  Our contributions are related to such services as a layer above existing netCDF/THREDDS/OPeNDAP services such as those on THREDDS Data Server installations.  In particular, one initiative has developed scripts that use the ncWMS interface to access data in the form of maps then creates KML that enables the visualization of those maps in Google Earth and other KML display systems (See the Geosciences Interoperability Demonstrations item in the list that follows.)  Other experiments involve harvesting search metadata from TDS installations to facilitate discovery of THREDDS datasets at third party search sites.  This work, based on the (Catalog Services for the Web) CS/W protocol, has been done largely by collaborators at the University of Florence ESSI Labs using their GI-cat package and the CUAHSI HIS community employing the ESRI Geoportal Extension which was recently released in open source form.

Intellectual Commons Wiki

For GALEON phase 2 (GALEON2 for short), this wiki will serve as an "intellectual commons" where the GALEON team can share information and conduct online discussions as a complement to the usual teleconferences.The email list will still be maintained at Unidata.  One can sign up for the emal list at:


and track the previous email discussions at


A general outline of GALEON2 is under construction at: GALEON Phase2 Main Page

We try to maintain a list of WCS implementations.

Other Uses

As in phase 1, the wiki will also be used to keep track of objectives and progress on the implementation of client and server systems in the GALEON (Geo-interface for Atmosphere, Land, Environment, Oceans NetCDF) experiment. The facet of GALEON that deals with WCS and GML interface specifications will be handled within the context of the OGC web pages and tools.

The main pages for tracking are given in the list below:

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