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Photograph by TREVOR BRADY

Galen Felde‘s work focuses on human and environmental interdependence and issues of empathy. Tangled branches, leaves, light particles, architectural elements, wings and wire... are some of the key elements, magnified, distorted, layered and sculpted to form the substructure of Galen’s paintings in her exploration of impermanence and our awkward relationship with origins, adaptation and alteration of the landscape. Characteristic use of trace images and skewed focus suggest the construction of memory, the resonance of absence and the process of release.  

Canvases combine acrylic texturing and under-painting with numerous transparent washes on wood panel.

Galen was born in Vancouver, BC, Canada and studied the visual arts in Vancouver, London Eng. and Montreal, Que. She forged her career as an independent artist until 2007, and is now represented in Vancouver BC, Toronto, Ont. and Canmore, AB. Her work is collected internationally.


Vancouver Art Gallery Sales and Rental Collection, Vancouver  BC
Platform Arts Group, Vancouver, BC
Canvas Gallery, Toronto, Ontario
 Elevation Gallery, Canmore, Alberta
Studio #404  321 Railway St Vancouver BC  V6A 1A4