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Follow us on Facebook and Twitter!!

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You can now follow us on Facebook "Troop387" and or Twitter @Troop387
We will be posting updates and pictures during outings. The Klondike Derby for 2013 has been posted already!

Troop 387 Webelos Open House

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Date:  Saturday November 17th 2012
Time:  2:00 PM to campfire closing (10;00 PM)
Place: Camp Liebert:


Fall is a special time.  Football, turning leaves, a chill in the air and the holidays are just around the corner.  Fall is even more exciting for a Webelos scout.  He is finishing Cub Scouts, working on the Arrow of light and visiting local Boy Scout Troops.  Troop 387, out of the Rural Chapel United Methodist Church on Cheshire Road, invites you to our open house on Saturday November 17th at 2:00PM. 


Spend the day and learn the basics of Camp Cooking, Fire Building and Safety, Pioneering, Scouting Knots, First Aid and The Patrol Method.


Stay for the evening and enjoy


       Dinner cooked in the great outdoors

       Flag Retirement

       Exciting Campfire Program


RSVP with headcount by 11/9/2012 to Dave Blessing, Troop 387 Scoutmaster blessingdavid@att.net

2012 Troop 387 Top Shot Event

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On Saturday October 20th, the Scouts of Troop 387 spent a cold, windy and rainy day at Camp Falling Rock participating in the Troop's first Top Shot Rifle and Shotgun Competition.  The event went really well and we had several scouts get to shot a .22 rifle of 20ga shotgun for the first time.  Everyone had fun and no one got hurt....a good scouting day. 


Our Top Shot event consisted of 3 rounds of .22 shooting in a bench rest, standing and prone position and then trap shooting with a 10 clay round.  The Troop awarded awesome plaques, thanks Mr. Prosser, for 1st, 2nd and 3rd for rifle and shotgun and then a final overall Top Shot winner.  The overall winner was determined by a total point score from both rifle and shotgun rounds.


Final Standings


2012 Overall Top Shot Winner



Rifle Winners

1st Place – Kyle

2nd Place – Luke

3rd Place – Andrew


Shotgun Winners

1st Place – Justin

2nd Place – Luke

3rd Place – Kyle


Special Mention

1st Time Adult Shooter – Mr. Joseph (Great job John!)


Popcorn Reminders

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Sales start on Saturday, September 22nd.

· There are 2 Show-n-Sells setup for 10/6 and 10/13, We’re working on other dates.

· Popcorn is a great way for your scout to earn money to offset the average annual $750 cost of being an active scout.

· Each scout will get a starter pack of popcorn that contains 5-8 products. Additional product will be available as needed.

· We will need adult help picking up popcorn, sorting it into starter packs, working Show-n-sells and possi ble Saturday pick-ups.

· Each Saturday during the sale, we can pick-up additional popcorn as needed to fill orders or restock scouts.

Religious Award Program

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Hello Troop!
Have you ever thought of enriching your walk with God through the scouting program? It is the 12th point of the scout law!
A scout is reverent.
The religious award program by each faith is considered second in prestige immediately behind the Eagle Emblem.
The religious program of your faith brings richness and depth to your spiritual well being.
Several of you have already asked me about specific opportunities. Here are two web links to help in your study.
I am excited to help each and every one of you on your journey to realize a deeper walk with God through the scouting program.
Here is what you need to do.
(1) click on the tab on the PRAY website at the top of the home page called
Religious Emblems 101: getting started (Catholics, see 2nd web site)
(2) read it!!
( 3) Tell me about what you read, that your parents approve, and it all begins!

Mark Turon

Visit to Head Racing Race Shop - July 2nd (6:30-7:30pm)

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Mr. Miller of our troop is a mechanic on Jim Heads Nitro Funny Car. He will be giving us a tour of the teams race shop

Monday July 2nd 6:30-7:30pm.

The map below shows the location of the shop, 3475 Africa Rd, Galena Ohio. The driveway to the shop is a shared drive, stay to the right. There

is a small white sign that says "HEAD" on the right drive.

Please arrive on time.

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