Android Version is Available.  I am not sure what the difference is or if the servers cross platform. All material is based off the iOS platform.

This wiki is a work in progress as this game continues to grow and update. This app has many levels and variables of gameplay, making it a challenge to cover everything.  More content will be added as it is compiled. As of now Galaxy Empire is exclusive to iOS devices with a possible Android build in the future.

Galaxy Empire is a MMO freemium app with in-app purchases to gain an edge or to expand faster. In-app purchasing is completely optional and will not hinder gameplay.  Check out the wiki to learn more about Galaxy Empire. Download the game, grow your colony and conquer the universe.

*Please note, gameplay and the level upgrades can change at anytime per updates or through maintenance to the servers.  Tweaks to the game are based on game balance decisions by the devs to hinder any glitches or hacks by unfair gameplay.

As you know from the World Chat lately, the game is opening up to more international players.  This is the splash screen from the Japanese iTunes page. South Korea, Germany Italy and Australia and others have been localized as well.