Students: 28 – STD 11th Commerce

                  42 – STD 12th Commerce


 Total          70

(Number can vary if Arts and A Levels students would like to be part of this depending on their suitability)


Teacher: Bijal Damani


Days: 3 days before Diwali break


21st(Tuesday) and 22nd  (Wednesday) – full days

24th – half day (till 1.30) and then wind up





Proposed Venues :


Note : This time the number of students are more and hence we required double capacity compared to last year. If we have separate venues, it would be easy to handle students as per their classes.


First priority :

SNK Main Ground Floor ( 8 rooms on left as well as right side – enclosed areas)


Second Priority

Sports Complex ( Ground floor basketball court)



Target Audience: Students of SNK and their family



  • Practical Application Of All Commercial Principles
  • To Understand The formation of partnerships
  • To understand the purchase procedure and stock levels
  • Use marketing Research tools for deciding the items to be sold
  • Sourcing different suppliers
  • To acquire the techniques of selling
  • To fix up the price ( which covers cost+ margin of profit)
  • Event promotion- tools of promotion
  • Management of finances ( cash flow)
  • Team work and co-ordination among different departments
  • Art of communication
  • Art of management
  • Management of costs like fixed cost, variable cost, etc...
  • Budgeting
  • Different stakeholders of business
  • Preparation of bills or invoices
  • Concept of profit and loss


Activities Proposed:

Selling of:

o       Cassettes & CD’s

o       Clothes (kurtas, dresses, dress material)

o       Diyas from Arts department of SNK

o       Accessories for boys as well as girls

o       Key chains

o       Show pieces and gift articles

o       Watches

o       Stationary items like pens, sketch pen etc.

o       Books, magazine

o       Soft toys

o       Chocolates

o       Dry fruits

o       Rangoli kit

o       Cards

o       Deodorants

o       Wallets

The list is endless……………………!!!


New Attractions this time :


·        Fire Crackers ( Will spread the message along with it) – can take orders and distribute it at the end of the day

·        Game Zone (Various games will be played and prizes can be won)

·        Two counters of food – selling diwali special food like Ghughra etc


Social Service aspect


We intend to include the social service aspect in this Education fair as well.

We have yet to decide on the institution we will be donating our profits to.


Display Of banners and commercial products by companies

Companies eager to display their banner can display the banner by paying some price, (e.g.Rs.500 to Rs.1000) – only if permission is granted



Students will prepare an agreement with the supplier of the goods , generally a wholesaler and will stock the goods of the suppliers. The goods which are not sold will be returned to the supplier and a profit margin will be offered to the suppliers for this kind of arrangement.



Apportion of profit

Will be given to charity institute


It’s basically divided into three different processes:


1.      Pre-processes:

                                   i.            Production

                                 ii.            Wholesalers

                               iii.            Preparing the Contract note

                               iv.            Promotion i.e. Posters, Announcement

                                 v.            Warehouse decision

                               vi.            Cash Book(Receipt)

                             vii.            Security Decision

                           viii.            Pricing

                               ix.            Place Decision i.e. Court Yard, Annexe, etc.


2.      During-Processes:

                                   i.            Stock Taking(Record Sheet)

                                 ii.            Display

                               iii.            Selling i.e. Sales, Cash, Packing


3.      Post-Processes:

                                   i.            Warehouse

                                 ii.            Returning of Stock + Money

                               iii.            Profit Calculation

                               iv.            Donate






 PowerPoint presentation of the Project Proposal.