Our Team

Along years, an extensive group of professors and students have collaborated in the development of new chatter bot resources.

Academic Professors
  • Dr. Eng. Daniel A. Rodríguez Silva (Intelligent Agents) 
Master Thesis Students
  • Eng. Eduardo Rodríguez Fernández (OSBot, Program D) 
  • Eng. Alberto Abad (AIML translation, Program D) 
  • Eng. Marcos Santos (T-Bot for Claroline, Program E) 
  • Eng. Manuel A. Lamelas (E-Bot for Moodle, Program E) 
  • Eng. María Bouzas (TQ-Bot for Moodle, Program E) 
  • Eng. David Fernández (AIML Support, intelligent systems, Program E)
  • Eng. David Fraguela (Tag-Bot, Program G)
  • Eng. Pablo Cao (Cine-Bot, Android, Program G)
  • Eng. Santiago Conde (Tag-Bot, AIML 2.0, Program AB)