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Similar to an investment club, we formed our partnership as a way to invest, along with friends and family, in a shared portfolio of financial assets.  We formed our business in 2007 as a limited partnership registered in Montana and have grown in size and scope since then. We seek to work closely with family and friends to make money, provide unique benefits to partners, and creatively grow our business.

A primary focus of our partnership is to achieve a high level of total return over a long-term time horizon. By pooling our money, we are able to invest in a wide range of assets. We invest in stocks, bonds, options, loans to partners, and real estate. We occasionally use leverage to try and increase exposure to certain assets. 

Another important focus of our partnership is the philosophy of encouraging economic gain through cooperation with others. We are able to lend family and friends money to pursue their own projects and investments while also making a return for the partnership. This can often be a good alternative to the process and costs associated with borrowing through a bank and keeps money in the family.

Because we are a small partnership, we have the ability to be flexible and creative in how we grow our business and how it can benefit its partners. Each partner has a unique set of knowledge and skills, thus we encourage questions, feedback, and new ideas.

What makes us unique...

Working closely with Family and Friends

Investing in a wide range of assets

Creative and Flexible